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 I am Nasi, founder of cravingbiz self improvement and motivational blog. A philosopher, motivational speaker, relationship, business and life adviser, a content writer and freelancer.

Cravingbiz mission is not to impart everyone but anyone. Even if it’s just one or few people. I am blessed and fulfilled. This is my purpose of being here on earth. If i can spread the word of encouragement to people around the globe. Only then I can say I am truly fulfilled.


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Aside writing and public speaking, I am 3 years experienced in Search Engine Optimization and also an expert on Adsense and Medianet Approval. I also do trainning sections for secondary schools students, Individual and collective teaching on the above skill.

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How to make wealth

How To Make Wealth Out Of Nothing

Secrets To Having A Long Lasting Marriage

Dapibus sapien non egestas viverra purus

"The door to success is open to those who never stop moving, every step counts"

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Morning vibes simply means waking up at the right side of bed.

Sept 7, 2021 – Cravingbiz

Morning Vibes Meaning

Sept 9, 2021 – Craving Biz

How To Stop Being Curious About Others

Fear is the start of failure, failure is the end product of fear, fear of failure is failure in itself.

March 24, 2021 – Craving Biz

How Your Fears Affects Success

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