How to Set Personal Goals and Keep it Private

Mistake people make while setting personal goals is that they don’t seem to see or know how to set personal goals as private goals.

That you have knowledge on the personal goals every individual must have, does not not mean you know how to set personal goals.

Mistake people make while setting personal goals is that they don’t seem to see or know how to set personal goals as private goals.

Every person has their own view, take or choose a different approach on personal goals, since we are human and inconsistent and unpredictable it is clear that we are all entitled to our own opinions or what we decide for ourselves, be it right or wrong.

So, setting personal goals differs from one person to another. Nevertheless, there are universal personal goals every single person must set because it works for everyone if done right. One thing is to know those personal goals, another thing is how to set personal goals to become actualized or successful.

There are a number of personal goals a person can set for oneself, nevertheless, it is clear that everybody’s goals will differ, especially if it is personal.

There is a difference between having personal goals and knowing how to set these personal goals.

Obviously, anyone can set goals but without the right approach, it will be difficult to successfully execute those personal goals without proper planning.

How to set Personal Goals

1. Make it personal: There should not be publicity in anything personal, so setting personal goals should be private. Let it be between you and God and no one else, it should not be exposed until you complete these goals.

There are so many people who have failed to complete their set goals just because they made it public.

2. Identify your needs: To actualize your personal goals and make them come into reality, it is important to identify what you want from what you need, knowing that wants aren’t consistent nor stable or certain. It is a good approach to reduce or stay away from what you want and focus more on your needs.

3. Understand personal development: Another factor to consider while setting personal goals is to understand personal development. This is a goal that sets you physically and mentally healthy to focus on the set goals you aim at. Personal development goals have to do with how you deal with your personal strengths and weaknesses, such as dealing with loneliness, inferiority complex, confidence, introverts, social and peer pressure among others.

4. Believe in tiny gain: In the world we live in, the present generation believes so much in instant gratification. A process where little or no effort is put into work but hoping to get instant results or success. This is a problem that many people face which affect how they set personal goals. Take your time to take one set at a time and never think success is easy or can just happen overnight, know how tiny gain work. Success needs patience, consistency, perseverance and hard work before it can be achieved.

5. Be Organized: Jumping from one goal to another without completion is a failed goal to set. Knowing how to set personal goals requires planning and organizing. A lot of patience is required to make this work, the more organized you are the better chance to set personal goals becomes a success.

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