How to Set Goals as a Teenager – A Working Strategy

Have you ever wondered why so many people have no direction in their late 40’s? One of the reasons is because most of them don’t know how to set goals as teenagers.

Early discovery of oneself plays a great role on how we end up living our lives.

You should at some point wonder why rich people remain rich and few poor people manage to become rich and successful, while most people remain stagnant and nothing ever changes no matter how they try.


One of the top secrets to a successful life is to take advantage of your teenage years by knowing how to set goals as a teenager.

How to set goals as a teenager

At a point in my life, i have always wish I knew all this i know at a very stage of my life, I know within me that I would have gone far, progress beyond where I am presently but it was a pain that nobody bother to tell me how to set goals as a teenager

Teenagers are always of the notion that being a teen is a stage of fun and enjoyment, they believe it is the best time to enjoy every moment of life but this is where many teens out there get it wrong and will always get it wrong.

As a teenager who wants to succeed in life or career, you must learn what should and should not be your priority, what you should take seriously and otherwise.

Teenage life is a crucial stage in every human’s life that should not be joked with, because it is the foundation of life, but many teens tend to miss this part, infact most teens see this stage of their life as the opposite and never take it seriously.

Instead of thinking of how to enjoy the moment, a smart kid will always focus on how to make their life better and even make things easier by knowing how to set goals as a teenager.

Have you ever heard of the saying that adulthood is a scam? If you have heard then there are no two ways around. However this saying only applies to teens who believe being a teenager is all about fun.

Most people who say adulthood is a scam are people who did not take their teenager life seriously. They ignore the necessities of life but focus on their wants, forgetting that there is a great difference between getting what you want from what you need.

Only few people who can reason deeply know that what a person wants at a moment won’t last, but what you need will. There is a difference between I want this and I need this. Wants are temporary while needs are permanent.

Nevertheless, teens who have quickly adhered to know how to set goals as a teenager will never say adulthood is a scam or regret being an adult because they could not at early stage differentiate between wants and need.

Here, you will know how to set goals as a teenager even without asking anyone or even your parents on how to go about things in life.

That does not mean you can not ask your parents on how to set goals as a teenager, as they are the best guide to making it possible especially when you run into problems.

On the other hand, I did recommend you start to give yourself a task and responsibility to carry early enough, to start with how to set goals for yourself as a teenager.

How To Set Goals as a Teenager

At first, know that setting goals is not an easy task, especially when you get to know how to set goals as a teenager, but with time you will get better with it.

1. Decision making: At this point in your life as a teenager, deciding on what and what not to do naturally falls on your parents, but the moment you decide on knowing how to set goals as a teenager, you have at this point gone pass the level of being dictated to, rather you have taking the mantle of self responsibility on your shoulder by deciding on what to do with your life.

When your decision making is strong at this early stage of your life, you can easily build confidence in yourself while setting goals.

Decision making is very crucial when it comes to setting goals as a teenager. At this time, you should be able to let your yes be yes and your no be no.

However, keep in mind that decision making comes with responsibilities and taking responsibility comes with consequences. So, if you truly want to know how to set goals as a teenager, you should be prepared to face the consequences as well if things eventually go wrong.

2. Self Discipline: This is the practice of training yourself to obey your own rules and also restricting yourself from your need if rules are disobeyed. This helps you keep a strict order when setting goes as teenagers because friends and foes will want to distract you, it is up to you to set the rules and boundaries against distraction.

3. Being principled: Acting accordingly and identifying what is morally right and wrong can help set goals as a teenager.

4. Make sacrifices: You must be willing to let go of somethings that can hinder you or make you digress from that which you are aiming at. To know how to set goals as a teenager is to be willing to make reasonable sacrifices, know when to let people or things go and know when to hold on to something important at once.

5. Have a working plan: The strategy to set goals as a teenager requires planning, not just planning but good one. Having a plan keeps you in track of what to set as goals, when to set goals and how you can set goals as a teenager. Without proper planning, things won’t work.

Let say, you have it in mind to make $100 in a year. The plan on how to set goals as a teenager should start by knowing how to make money from home or your comfort zone without it affecting every other thing you do. Then you divide the average amount you can make in a year by 12 month.

That is every month you need to save at least $9 per month for 12 months to make $100. To make it work better, it is important to apply the first two strategies on how to set goals as a teenager.

6. Set boundaries: Don’t over do, don’t assume you can make much more when you do not have the resources. Don’t go beyond your limit when it comes to setting goals. Start with what you can afford or capable of, meet up the goal, then try something new.

7. Consistent daily routine: Another working strategy to how to set goals as a teenager is by having a daily routine that you follow, it might be sport, reading, learning or savings. It might be anything. The goal is to be consistent with your routine day in and out.

8. Have to do list: This is most applicable to those who find it difficult or those who battle with procrastination. To stop procrastinating as a teenager, learn to have a to-do list, keep a memo of your activities, it will help you gain outstanding results when setting goals.

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