6 Powerful Importance Of Water

Importance Of Water In Human, Plant and Animal

That the human body contains 60% of water is not a myth, this shows the importance of water in humans life, society, and the world.

Aside from the fact that the human body contains 60 percent of water, there is another astonishing fact of the importance of water. The earth contains 70 percent of water which human habitat is surrounded by it.

Importance of water

Plant cells comprise 80 to 90 percent of the water in total weight. Also water takes a huge part in animal life and circles as the percentage of water in fat-free wet weight for most mature animals is estimated at 73.2%, according to the National Library of Medicine.


Importance Of Water

  1. Prevent illness: The importance of water can be known when ill or trying to recover from sickness. Drinking water immediately after waking up in the morning flushes out the stomach and therefore balances the lymphatic system which helps build a strong immune system, preventing you from often sickness.

2. Environmental pollution control: another importance of water is environmental pollution control, water is known to dissolve things. Water has greatly help in regulating body and earth temperature. It is the source that determines summer and winter. Its also creates a form of relief during the harsh weather. Water also help in regulating human pollution from the greenhouse gas cause by fossil fuel and the pollution caused by carbon dioxide which has for a long time result in climate change, damaging the ozone layer.

3. Means of Transportation: From stream to lake, river, sea and ocean. The importance of water can not be denied when it comes to transportation of people, goods and services around the world. Every continent is one way or the other connected to water which aids transportation.

4. Alternative to food: Water can be used as a mode of Survival when there is food scarcity. There are many people who found themselves stranded in a place where there is no food but then escaped starvation due to the help of water as an alternative means to food.

Water is life and can not be replaced with anything. Every living thing needs water to survive, if not much but still won’t survive without water.

5. Water helps Digestion: Water regulates our body functionality and helps aid, fasten digestion of human intake. For proper food digestion it is ideal to consume some reasonable, satisfying amount of water before and after a meal.

6. Provides electricity: The importance of water contribes to the world power supply for hydroelectric energy. Many countries can not survive without the use of water to power electricity. Science direct stated that Hydropower provides 19% of the world’s total electricity supply, and is used in over 150 countries, with 24 of these countries depending on it for 90% of their supply.

By now, it should be clear that water plays a very important role in human life, social, economy and the world. The importance of water can not be overlook when it comes to human and it existence.

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