10 Unique Importance of Agriculture

Farming is one of the most essential needs of the world, it contains almost 80 to 90 percent of human needs, such as food, cloth, shelter among others. In fact some of the top world countries depend solely on agriculture as a means of development. You can clearly see that the importance of agriculture has a great influence on human survival.

Animal farming, such as poultry, fish farming, cattle rearing, forestry among others are some of the most required agriculture in the world. However, when you want to mention the importance of agriculture, it goes as far as how it affects individuals, general lifestyle, economic growth, and also how it has regulated the world in terms of civilization and helps the world’s ecosystem.

Importance of agriculture

The importance of agriculture can be trace back to how humans have survived individually and collectively with the help of farming. There are people who involve themselves in farming because they know the importance of agriculture.

Importance Of Agriculture to Subsistence and Commercial Farmers

These groups of people can be classified into two, which are subsistence farmers and commercial farmers.

One group of people are called subsistence farmers as they only engage in farming to provide for their home needs, subsistence farming are done with no interest of making money or profit.

These people do have their professional job but they know the importance of farming by turning a part of their garden into farmland, there they farm, crops or animals to feed and sustain their family alone.

Commercial Farming

On the other hand, like subsistence farmers, commercial farmers are those who farm on a large scale, they do more planting of cash crops. These farmers farm on large hectares of land for the purpose of making money or profit.

This is just to tell you why people consider farming a good way of living, and also understand the importance of agriculture cannot be taken away from their daily needs.

Importance Of Agriculture

Aside from the fact that we are in the world of science and technology, the importance of agriculture can never be ignored as the world itself depends on plants and animals to survive.

1. Food production: Nobody can survive without eating from birth, this is where the importance of agriculture plays a big role in terms of food production. People can only manage or multiply the resources they have, only when they engage in agriculture.

Planting and farm animals speedily multiplies human resource. Agriculture helps increase food for human consumption.

2. Birth Civilization: From time past, the importance of agriculture has helped so many counties in terms of civilization. Civilization first appeared in Mesopotamia which began first in Iraq and then Egypt, which was as a primary result of farming.

The earliest known farmers loved the fertile crescent, a region in the middle east state of Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Turkey. The development started around 12,000 years ago which then changed human lifestyle.

Humans at that time till date, knew the importance of agriculture as they started with cattle, goats and pigs farming. National Geographic wrote about the development of agriculture.

3. Development: Every single state in the world got develop with the use of agriculture, even countries who do not have the resources or fertile land to cultivate do well in importing and exporting of goods and services such as farm materials, like cottons, wool, wood, fertilizers from other countries just to meet up with country’s needs.

Example of country with a very harsh environment but yet knows the importance of agriculture is Saudi Arabia, a city in the desert of Arab, this country as at then has no resources for farming, but quickly developed by implementing major irrigation projects and adopting large scale mechanization and as well from importation.

Then later boomed their economy revenues from oil exportation in the 1970s and 80s then got more popular to be one of the fastest growing country in the world, after which it became a center of tourist attraction.

4. Social Engagement: Learning new languages, culture and tradition. Another major importance of agriculture is social engagement in diverse cultures and traditions around the world.

The importance of agriculture engages foreigners to adapt and learn from other people’s culture. Learn new ideas and skills from other people. It is important for traders to learn from other people’s culture for influence reasons, this increases your ranking in business.

5. Transportation: The importance of agriculture contributes to the massive exportation and Importation of goods and services, such as raw materials from one country to another. About 71 percent of the world’s surface is covered by water, this makes it almost impossible to transport goods from one place to another, triggering people to build better and faster means of transportation, such as ships, trains, and airplanes to hasten transportation.

6. Explore the world: When we talk about adventure and tourism, the importance of agriculture plays a very vital role for people to explore the world. Farmers and workers from every different part of the world visit their neighboring countries to understand and explore the methods other people use in farm production.

7. Trading: Buying and selling of good and services will be less important or more expensive if not for the importance of agriculture, which helps trading becomes meaningful and makes life easier in terms of trading, with the importance of agriculture, people can easily trade what they need for what they have cattle for goats and sheep for feeds or all in exchange for money or services.

8. Protection of livestock: One of the major importance of agriculture is the protection of livestock and plants. Some people understand that killing animals and plants without replacement will only destroy the lineage of many species. This is why Botanies are specialists in the study of plants, to understand how they grow and how they could improve.

9. Regulation of the world ecosystem: From all other importance of agriculture, agriculture has been the reason why the world keeps existing as it regulates the world’s ecosystem. The climate change has played a very terrifying role in human history, with the fear that the world may come to an end if human keep polluting the air with carbon dioxide which melts and create a hole the ozone layer, causing excessive heat on climate change which has resulted in excessive flooding, abnormal rain and change in weather condition, costing a lot of lives and properties. Luckily, plants have been the major rescue to help with climate change, plants take in excessive carbon dioxide, which is also called the greenhouse gas, caused by human activities majorly on industrial use.

10 Reduces poverty: Agriculture can be a good means of reducing poverty in undeveloped countries. People who practice subsistence farming never lack food because they know the importance of agriculture. They know farming can help reduce expenses in terms of exchanging goods and trading, something for another. One of the world’s problems is feeding, practicing subsistence agriculture can help eradicate poverty.

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