5 Essential Importance Of Computer

One of the major importance of computer is the reason why you can browse the internet to get answers to questions.

Importance of computer

The world has once been without computer and life has really been tough, but still wonderful without it.

It happens that the more humans evolve in time, the wilder our brains open to new ideas.

Long time ago, people did not have access to computer nor know what computer were. People never knew computer will exist or become a machine that will some day control the world by connecting people, making life easier and work more effective.

During the stone age, there was nothing called a computer but then, communication and calculation came to birth.

People start to communicate through signs and symbols, drawing, art and craft.

Calculations started from counting stones and fingers and other objects as a means of addition and subtraction. Subsequently, people realised the importance of computer and its usefulness in daily and day to day activities.

They know how important computer can speed up human work rate, carry out heavy, time and energy consuming tasks.

The importance of computer came into the subconsciousness of man and there became more advanced ways to make things easier.

Just like the importance of agriculture, the importance of computer can never be overlooked as it is one of the best, if not the best invention man has ever made

First Human Made Manual Computer

The earliest known calculating device is probably the abacus, it is the first ever made manual computer in human history.

Importance of computer - abacus computer
This is a version of the first human made manual computer – Abacus computer

The abacus is an ancient calculating device, believed to have originated in Babylon around 2400 B. C. E. as a counting box device. It was the world’s first calculator, and contemporary versions are still in use today.

The Babylonians simply know the importance of computer due to the large-scale building they tried to build in those days, which was presumed to be built to reach into the clouds or heavens, though they eventually failed.

First Calculating Machine

Arithmetic Machine, the first calculator or adding machine to be produced, also called Pascaline, was designed and built by the French mathematician-philosopher Blaise Pascal between 1642 and 1644. It can only do addition and subtraction. – Britannica

First Automatic Computer

In 1822, Charles Babbage is considered to be the first automatic computing engine that was capable of computing several sets of numbers and making hard copies of the results.

Among others, all these inventors of computers realise the importance of computer, this is why most of them never relent in building a more advanced computer in recent years and more to come in the future.

Why is the computer Important?

Computers have gone far beyond calculation and arithmetics, it has become more complex and advanced that anyone can do almost all tasks with a computer. It is so flexible that children can independently work on a computer without being taught on how to use it.

Computer has also reshaped the world and at the same time, reshaped itself to suit human needs.

There are different devices you can call computer in this very internet age, starting from house appliances, gadgets, devices, television, mobile phones, laptops, cars, industrial machines are all computers or will say made with computers.

The means and possibility of you reading this post clearly shows the importance of computer, because if there is no computer, there can’t be your device, laptop or phone, if there are no phones, you will not be able to read this article.

Importance Of Computer

The importance of computer is far from just making work easier, computers are important as it is entertaining, informative, educative, engaging, fast and effective to make work and life easier.

  1. Informative: The importance of computer is information, a way of processing complex information into data, save it and then disseminate it to a more understandable way for human understanding.

2. Educating: The importance of computer is the source and soul of existence in many schools and countries as we speak. Many schools have moved away from reading and learning on textbooks and notebook and now going computerized, simply because computer make work easier, effective and faster.

3. Computer is engaging: snapchat, zoom class, google meet and other social media platforms would have never existed without the use of computer. Humans can not engage or socialize as widely without the importance of computer. Computer with the help of the internet makes it possible to communicate, interact with people all over the world without physically seeing each other.

4. Computer provide simplicity: Fast and effective to make work and life easier, simplicity is an important aspect of computer. It makes life less costly, more effective and easy.

5. Computer providers entertainment: That you can watch programs on devices is an important part of the computer. Your telephone, television, phones, laptops provide you with something interesting, which is entertainment. This is a result of the importance of computer

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