3 Free Online Therapy For Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissists are everywhere, they have only come to oppress and make other people depressed. If you have a brutal experience being abused by a narcissist. It’s high time to get a free online therapy for narcissistic abuse before it makes things worse.

Therapy for narcissistic abuse

Being a victim of narcissistic abuse always has some damaging effects in both physical and mental disorders.

Who is a Narcissist

Narcissists are people who deprive others from happiness, freedom and peace just for their own selfish desire.

Narcissistic person is a devil in disguise, they are always awkward and find pleasure in tormenting others, especially people who they can quickly dictate their mental weakness.

When a narcissist realises you are weak emotionally and mentally, they take it to their advantage to oppress, pressurise you until you give in to them.

The joy of their torment or the pleasure and goal a narcissistic person derive from this act is self slavery. Narcissistic people are good at taking away people’s freedom, causing you to be frustrated and feared.

With this treatment you will eventually hate yourself, might end up becoming a narcissist yourself and then become depressed or worse of all will be forced to take your own life. This is more reason why people look for ways to make a narcissist miserable by all means.

Narcissistic Behaviour To Avoid

Narcissistic people are self-centred, feel all knowing, arrogant, thinking and behavior are shallow and corny, narcissistic people lack empathy and consideration for other people, they love attention and excessive need for admiration.

More traits of a narcissistic person: cocky, manipulative, selfish, greedy, demanding and worst of all, they are joy stealers.

Being a victim of narcissistic abuse is like being bitten by a snake, it leaves its venom poison inside of a person till such person becomes miserable and finally dead if not treated early, this is why any victim of narcissism needs an online therapy for narcissistic abuse.

Effect Of Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse can make you a narcissist yourself, if no therapy activities for narcissistic abuse isn’t taken seriously.

The effect of narcissistic abuse can make a victim of this abuse hate themselves. This is why it is very necessary to get online therapy for narcissistic abuse.

At an early stage of an abuse, every offence may not look damaging because you might feel you could simply get over it, or change a narcissistic person over time, but if things take the other way round, trying to change a narcissistic person could curse you more harm than good.

How People Become Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

There are many reasons why people become victims of narcissistic abuse. These reasons range from loyalty, love and respect for a narcissistic person, while worst of all is lack of freedom to avoid them.

Love, loyalty and respect has been one of the major cause of narcissistic abuse, though some of this victim find means to overcome this but lack knowledge that they could just find an online therapy for narcissistic abuse.

How To Find A Therapy For Narcissistic Abuse

This is even faster or better still, if you need a therapist for narcissistic abuse, you can search online for the keyword ” therapy for narcissistic abuse near me

The damage a narcissistic person causes you just once, could go beyond repair and can completely turn a person into a covert narcissist.

Online Therapy For Narcissistic Abuse

1. Find anti narcissist organisation: Avoid further seeing or engaging with a narcissist. All narcissists are the same and they are almost everywhere. Avoid seeing or associating with them, find a gathering where they preach or teach peace and freedom, a place where there is equality, where you have freedom to express yourself, where your opinion counts and not bias about individual differences or opinions.

A place where you can be loved, respected not for what you are but for who you are. Finding the right anti narcissist group online therapy for narcissistic abuse is a bold step to start with, it might be an offline religious gathering, a philosophical group where peace, unity and equality is preached and taught. This will help clear your mind from narcissistic abuse.

2. Forgive yourself: If you are deterministic who believes strongly in cause and effect as the focus to which a final result is reached, it is time to adjust a little to the fatalist approach to believe that all of us are not in total control of ourselves.

With the slogan “Que Sera Sera” which means what will be will be. This approach is a very useful therapy for narcissistic abuse, which helps you see reason to forgive yourself for being a victim. As I have stated earlier, Most people who are vulnerable to be a narcissist victim are those who are in love, loyal or very respectful.

You are not the cause of your misfortune, you are just somehow a chance to be in that situation which is unpleasant. You need to forgive yourself and move on with life, you not forgiving yourself will never change anything but instead cause you more harm than good.

3. Form a therapy for narcissistic abuse group: This group should preach against narcissistic behaviour and abuse. You can become an activist against narcissism yourself by creating a community for people who are suffering from narcissistic abuse. Let People who are struggling with narcissistic abuse learn from your experience, share talks and ideas together. This in turn helps you free your mind against any narcissistic abuse.

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