3 Best Student Credit Cards Canada Available

There are few numbers of credit cards to pick from but the best student credit cards Canada offers you much more, both for immigrants and citizens of Canada.

Below is a short video on some of the best student credit cards Canada.

Best Student Credit Cards Canada

What Is Student Credit Cards Canada
Student credit cards Canada allow you to use the available credits, then you need to pay off your credit card.

How To Apply For The Best Student Credit Cards Canada

If you already have a credit card, you should stick with that till you finish school. If you are very young and you have a student credit card, your goal with your credit card should be to make sure you make your payments on time and just build your credit score.

But if you still want a new card, working a part time job can help you qualify and secure the tangerine or simplii card.

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What is a Credit Card

Credit card is a card used for paying for a bill upfront, while you pay back within a period of time. Credit card is just like taking a loan from a bank, you simply borrow money to pay for your needs, while you pay back later.

For every transaction you make you get a monthly statement for the credit card used, which tells you in total of the amount due to be paid, minimum payment due, and when payment is due.

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How Do You Pay Back Your Credit

You can simply pay back in full on or before the due date, or pay the minimum amount due.

If the full payment is made before the due date, you will not be charged interest on the sum of money you collected and spent from the credit card. If you are unable to pay back the total sum spent, then the card will charge you with interest for the total debit remaining.

3 Best Credit Cards Canada

Best starting collecting point, which will help you travel better is to start with the no annual fee Aeroplan branded card, the CIBC

Best Student Credit Cards Canada (CIBC) Travel Aeroplan

If you are looking for one of the best student credit cards Canada for travels then you should go for the CIBC Aeroplan credit card in Canada
There is plenty of no annual fee student credit cards in Canada but if you want to travel, trying the CIBC is a great option as it has a high value travel using your points.

As you use this credit card, you are earning your point and not just getting a fix return on it but instead you are using the point gotten on CIBC credit cards Canada to book travels, the points can be generally used for economy class ticket, business class or first class travel.

A no annual fee student credit card with access to the aeroplan program is one of the best student credit cards Canada.
Though the CIBI aero card does not have an annual fee but still gives you alots of benefit as one of the best student credit cards in Canada, such as. A preferred pricing benefit on aricanada flights and also a wrapping 10,000 aeroplan points which equivalently worth $210.

2 Best Student Credit Card Canada is (American Express Gold Reward Card)

This card has an annual fee of $150 compared to the CIBC which has no annual fee. This American Express Gold Reward Card has a 30,000 reward point surely out way that fee.

This bonus is going to be available to you if you apply through referral link and not through public offer. The reward comes so valuable because you can send them to other partners.
It easy to transfer Aeroplan point on 1:1 ratio to aeroplan and get 30,000 aeroplan points or Avios.

By Canadian standard you get 1 time point on everything else but a 2 time the point on gas, groceries, drugs and travels.

American Express Cobalt Card

It got 10$ monthly fee which is equivalent to $120 as an annual fee.

The American Expreess Cobalt is the third best student credit cards Canada.

If you spend $500 during each month for 12 months on the card for instance, you get 500MR select point which is 30,000 MR point for the first one year.

The Cobalt student cards Canada is just like subscribing to a Netflix or your normal subscriptions. Why it popular is because it gives an earning rate of 5 times the point on food and drinks. These 5 times points can be used outside of food and drinks shopping, you can maximize the card point by using it to buy electronic, clothing, gadget at other places.

While the first two card earn the regular MR Points, the Cobalt earn MR Select point which is obviously the down side of this student credit cards Canada, you can only redeem this card point in the American express program, meriet hotel among other few options

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