Should high school be capitalized as ‘High School’

The question, Should high school be capitalized as High School is one of the most confusing, distractive and mind disturbing things to solve in school, especially when encountered in a class work, assignment, project work among others.

Should high school be capitalized

Every word has its own uniqueness and capitalising a word or two in a sentence also has its purpose, as every capitalized word has something important to point out. However not all words, phrases need to be capitalized.

The same way you capitalize the beginning of a title, heading or a write up or sentence, you need to understand that a phrase word as High School needs to be capitalized when found in any title or headlines.

Take note that when considering the question, should high school be capitalized, keep in mind that not all words need to be capitalized as such.

When And When Not To Capitalize a Word

To attract a better mark in class, or how to pass an exam successfully, knowing when and when not to capitalize a word could add massively to boost your grade.

Capitalize After a question mark (?): It is very proper to capitalize the first LETTER after a question mark. When using a question mark, it connotes that you ask a question which needs a response, which will automatically start on a fresh word, this first letter of the word should present itself in a capital letter.

For example:

Should high school be capitalized? High school should be capitalized if it comes as the first word after a question mark.

Capitalized high school after a paragraph

When starting a fresh paragraph in a paper, it is important to capitalize high school when starting a new paragraph.

Example: Should high school be capitalized?

High school should be capitalized when starting a new paragraph or a fresh statement. Take note that the first letter in High school is only capitalized and not High School.

Don’t Capitalized a common noun after a Comma (,)

Though it is improper to capitalize some words after a comma, but words like high school can be capitalized after a comma, because it is a ‘proper noun’


High school should be capitalized after a comma. For instance, Bright High School after a comma is a continuous statement and can start with a capital letter.

You should Capitalize High School as a Proper noun

Englishgrammarhere shed more light on what a proper noun is and explain some examples of proper nouns.

‘The words that meet the unique and unmatched beings in the universe are called ‘proper nouns’. All proper nouns (every word that makes up the noun and titles describing and introducing them) starts with a capital letter. If it does not start with a capital letter, it is considered a common noun’.

Car, tree, laptop, bus, man, etc are all common nouns and should not be capitalised after a comma, but proper nouns should be capitalized, such as Google, France, Wednesday should be capitalized before and after a comma because they are proper nouns.

When Should You Capitalize High school

Should high school be capitalized? High school should be capitalized if it is a proper noun. Such that Xavier High School is capitalized because it has a first name before the initial.

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