How To Stop Being Poor and Broke

It is certain that not everybody can become rich or wealthy in this world, but it is very possible for everybody to become successful if they can stop being poor.

The poverty mentality is a heritage in so many societies that it is passed from one generation to another.

How to stop being poor

This belief has so hardened the mind of people that they see no reason to falsify them. Rather they accept that poverty mindset with open arms and heart.

However, when we talk of being poor, it literally starts from our mindset and then advances to become a physical challenge.

While some people know just how to stop being poor, some others do not have the idea to stop being broke.

The problem to stop being poor begins from the inability to know how to stop being broke.

That if you have no idea of getting out of being broke, it will be difficult as hell to know how to stop being poor.

How The Mind Works

The mind is like a blank slate, what you write on it is directly proportional to the result you will get.

If you feed the mind with something meaningful, creative, civilised, positive, innovative and valuable. It processes these things to your own advantage to stop being poor.

But if your mind is primitive, never changing, a fixed mind, it will be so difficult to stop being poor because you failed to accept additional knowledge.

As a matter of fact, your mindset is the only thing, the best way to stop being poor.

Sticking to what you know and what you are told without advancing to accommodate, innovate and educate yourself about how things work in life, will only put you in chains.

Value Information

Only few people in the world today know the advantage of the internet and how vast it can quickly change a life for the better. Many people use gadgets like expensive mobile phones, laptops, and spend so much on social media watching movies, comedy, and all other irrelevant things while failing to pay attention to things that can help on how to stop being poor while they are broke.

Take note of this, when you observe you can not stop being broke, or you notice subsequent occurrences in brokenness even when you try all means to stop being broke, it is very important to take an additional or advanced approach.

So many people fail to understand that the world we are in today isn’t the same world we will see in a few years time, in fact many things will change overnight.

Stop being poor by stop being fixed minded, source for valuable information, think of how to solve problems, help others, and belong to the right cycle.

How Religion Affects Us to Stop Being Poor

Here is what Xi Jinping have to say. The President of China said about religion against individual and collective beliefs on how primitive, fixed mindset are built in most African nations.

This greatly applies to some other countries around the world, as to how the human mind is fixed on religion rather than utilising the application of common sense to get rich.

“The only thing tho black man
has inherited from Arab and European colonisation is the Religion that he practises and that’s exactly what the colonizers wanted.

Notice that in black countries, the Education is a disaster, the administration is corrupt, health is deplorable, but Religion is doing wonderfully well.

Black people RebeIs against everything EXCEPT ‘ Religion. They even think they are more RELIGIOUS than those who brought them these concepts that the colonizers are NOT good Christians.

Black people even CLAIMED themselves to bethoe original Race of which Jesus Christ has descended.

This is how far black people
stupidity can go.

Notice that any society that is full with superstition, religious Indoctrination, lack of education nationalism, is always ridden with violence ‘

How To Stop Being Poor

The way forward to how to stop being poor is to stop hanging out with broke people, solve problems, be positive minded, and belong to a productive cycle of friends.

1. Create value: The biggest asset you can have over poverty is value. The value you create for yourself will help you stop being poor. How do you create value? Simply by adding more resources and knowledge to what you have already known. Be someone important among friends and foes. Value goes beyond riches.

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2. Solve a problem: There are millions of problems in the world that are yet to be solved. Pick one and find a meaningful, generally acceptable solution to it. It may not be something big but resourceful. This problem you have solved will generate you money.

3. Start sourcing for information: If you believe information is power, then source for vital information, there are so many opportunities out there that billions of people do not know about. You might be one of them. Simply having some vital information at hand and then selling them to the appropriate persons or organisations can stop being poor.

4. Learn an online skill: Without a sound technical skill to stop being poor could be completely impossible now and in a few years to come. Find a skill you have passion for and learn today. There are some good numbers of skills out there that make money. Coding, web dev, SEO, blogging, copywriting, content writer, UX/UI, graphic design, cybersecurity, Data analytics are some of the online skills to learn that helps stop being poor.

5. Stop being fix minded: A mind who refuses to accommodate new knowledge will never stop being poor. Giving room for new ideas and being curious for knowledge help stop being poor.

6. Belong to the right cycle: The kind of people, society, family you belong to has a lot to do with the progress you make in life.

One of the major reasons why people still remain poor is simply because they are in the wrong cycle of people who will never aid progress but rather keep you under the shadow of failure.

The cycle you belong to has a great influence on whether you fail or succeed. The kind of mindset people in your cycle carries can greatly influence your life, if they don’t think of a good way forward then they become primitive.

7. Don’t compare yourself with others: Because your friend is doing well does not mean you should follow their footstep. Because others are making money, that does not mean you will remain broke. Focus on yourself and stop investing in other people’s goals to stop being poor.

8. Have a futuristic goal: There are so many people without goal, vision or purpose. They just live life the way it comes without a plan of setting goals.

9. Stop mingling with broke people: There is no big deal in mingling with broke people, as there are great people who are broke but have great wealth as resources.

This set of people are mostly talented, creative, innovative and have a very good future, they only lack the knowledge on how to stop being broke.

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