Free Life Coach For College Students Performance

Are you in need of a life coach for college students near you? Student fears offer a free life coach for students. Your concern is our main priority.

It does not matter where you are, we can always give you a better reason why and how you can perform better, both in academics and outside of academics.

Free Life Coach For College Students

Our free life coach section is stated below. But first, we urge you to take time to read how parental and teachers guidance can help boost and improve student academic performances.

Everybody has a role to play to make a student successful as hoped for.

Student Concerns In College

As a student, do you feel like sharing your academic concerns with someone you can trust or find it hard to confiled in.

If you feel your guardian, parents, friends or teacher isn’t the right option, then it means you need a life coach.

Student fears is a life coach for students who are faced with their struggles all by themselves.

Who Is A Life Coach

For students to achieve certain goals in life, they need at least one person to make it happen.

This person encourages, motivates in time when students lack motivation to carry on. Set goals, provide support, share comfort, give tips on how to overcome student fears.

Someone who takes time to assist, guide, motivate students is a life coach.

Life coaches for students are concerned about major student concerns, starting from fear of poor grades, school pressure, failing to manage money, poor sleep, skipping classes, homesickness, time management among others.

Major College Student Fear Life Coach Overcome

The duty of a life coach for college students provides a safe space for college students to share concerns, create a focused plan to maximise success, and help them maintain balance in their lives.

1. Personal lifestyle: There are so many life coaches to help with. Enhancing a student ‘s personal lifestyle is one of them. Providing motivation, guide and structuring student. There are many things students face in college that they can not or do not have a trustworthy person to share with.

2. Improve academic performance: The essence of schooling is to get a good grade and graduate with good results. But it seems the opposite to many college students as school itself seems life threatening in terms of academic performances, students find it hard to get the right reading strategy that works best for an excellent result. Getting a life coach for college student can help you achieve and improve academic performance.

3. Provide support: Think of support as the yardstick for student success in college. It might not be about money but finding the right person to tell your problems with hope of getting them resolved.

4. Financial instability: This has to do with money management and how to stop being broke as a college student.

5. Peer pressure: The life coach for college students helps overcome student fears which peer pressure is one of the major student concerns to overcome.

6. Fear of failure: The greatest student fear of all times is fear of failure. This is as a result of the scary things students are being told about coming home with good grades. To make parents proud isn’t easy. Mosr especially if you are a first generation college student. It is a big weight on your shoulder.

7. Reading strategy: Many students encounter difficult courses in college but do not know how to go about it. This is a common problem due to poor lecturers’ teachings or intense subject teaching. It is then a student responsibility to find the best reading strategy to come out with good grades. Making it easy is to get a life coach to guide you on the best reading practice.

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8. Student threats: Threats by students, lecturers and even parents is a major student fear to overcome. There is no way a student can do better when threatened.

9. Time management: Procrastination has so much to do with how students manage their time in college. Wrong proper time management results in failure.

10. Sexual harassment: Both Male and female faces this in college, sexual harassment is most common in school most especially from lecturers, teacher and senior students. Getting out of this unpleasant situation is to get in touch with a life coach.

11. Fear of public speaking: This greatly affects students in almost every section in academic performances. The fear of public speaking is the beginning of failure. Students who fail to overcome fear of public speaking will have issues with asking questions in class, from friends, and might lose a lot of beneficial opportunities.

12. Loneliness: Struggling with loneliness can easily lead to depression. Finding a life coach for college students can greatly help.

You know your secrets are saved, your time is well spent, you gain additional knowledge, improve academic performance, overcome loneliness and more.

13 Relationship issues: Telling random people whom you do not trust about your relationship issues can be faulty. Seeking a life coach for college students is better.

14. Physical molestation: Are you being physically molest, abused or harassed? Seeking a life coach for college students can help you out of the mess in no time.

Parental Life Coach For College Student

So many students are left with their fears having no one to run to for guidance, this is why many students of great value and potential end up on the streets selling drugs, cultists, gangster or becoming a drug addict.

It is also a shame that most parents pay little or no concern to their children’s struggles as a student. Many guidance left their children alone in a cold world, making them forced to weather away when they have tried in all attempts to overcome their fears but could not find a primary or permanent solution.

Another major problem college student lack in terms of life coaching is the parent or guidance being fixed minded.

Many parents are outdated even after spending several years in school themselves.

Teaching or guiding college students to the right path isn’t about just what you know or have learnt overtime will in school.

Many parents are so fixed minded that they would never listen or accommodate new knowledge nor listen to what their children have to say because they feel they have pass through that stage and there is no knowledge above that.

Due to parent or guidance ignorance to lack of being a source of life coach to their children. These college students are left with no choice than to face their own fears all by themselves.

Parent need to understand that the system is ever changing, and what you think you know or are good at for years can change completely in a few seconds so that you may not have an idea or clue for it anymore.

This student is the primary target and not you. If you expect a child to come out with a good grade which you will be so proud of, it is very important for you as a parent to be their life coach.

A life coach for college students is a mentor students look up to for guidance, support, motivation and help to overcome concerns and fears.

Every parent should emulate a good standard for a life coach for college students. Money isn’t everything nor shows you are taking good responsibility, spending time together, giving a listening ear, making your child confide in you goes a long way to make a good Grade.

Look at it this way. If a student is so overwhelmed, choked, pressurised and threatened in school for one reason or the other will he or she be able to face studies? The answer is very transparent, it is NO.

If a child is expected to come out with good grades in college, then it is the parents duty to become or find a life coach for college students.

Teacher Life Coach For College Student

If parents fail to be the source of comfort, a string of support as a life coach for college students, to identify their goals, encourage students to develop themselves and provide support and encouragement, it is advisable for college students to seek help from their teachers or lecturers in college.

However, the bad is, most teachers or lecturers are mostly after their own personal interest rather than having your concerns at heart.

In most schools, lecturers are fond of physical molestation and sexual harassment on students, this most student are handicap nor have little or nothing they can do about it.

How then do you expect a student to come out with first grade when faced with a life threatening situation from a lecturer or teacher who is meant to be a life coach for college students, to protect and lead by example.

So many things college students face but can not just speak nor express themselves due to fear of being punished for sins they do not commit.

Studentfears Life Coach For College Student

If you find no help from parents, guardians or teachers, studentfears is a life coach for college students that guarantees support. We listen to your voice.

How You Get Help

Contact a life coach today. We will first ask you about yourself and the challenges you are currently facing as a college student, then, book an appointment with you, after which we will provide you with a Google meet or zoom link for a one on one online life coaching section.

Our life coach for college students is absolutely free. No fee attached and you can be lucky to get our ebook.

We don’t stop there, we don’t leave you to your struggles alone, we give you a constant follow up, which is optional. is more concern about your wellness, your success is our pride, your struggle is our struggle. Let work things out together.

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