Exactly How To Make a Narcissist Miserable Entirely

A narcissistic is a very annoying person that can frustrate you into depression, if you have one of them around you, it is time to know how to make a narcissist miserable before they make life unpleasant for you.

How To Make a Narcissist Miserable

Who is a Narcissistic Person

Narcissists are always full of themselves, always feel so important that they try all means to pull other people around them down with their irritating attitude.

If you have ever jumped into a narcissistic person before, there is no way anyone can convince you not to make a narcissist miserable.

Why You Should Avoid a Narcissist

You don’t have to be told, you will know that this set of people are the most miserable being on earth.

As they carry all the negative traits and personality into their comfort. Even at this, a narcissistic person feels proud of the evil he carries.

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All they want is to be seen as the most important person even when most of them have nothing reasonable to offer.

Flew from a narcissistic person if you have them as your boss in your workplace, as they can make life miserable for you.

A narcissistic person doesn’t care if life is miserable for you and good for them. They want all the accolades, respect, loyalty and praise while they don’t care if you are the sole founder.

So, why not make a narcissist miserable before a narcissistic person turns you miserable.

Narcissists are always self centred, they try as much as possible to take everything into their advantage and then use people’s weaknesses against them.

It is best advice to take the shot of making a narcissist miserable before they turn things against you. Bet it, if you are too slow to make a narcissist miserable and they get to take action before you, it could become your greatest nightmare as you may not get out of the mess for years.

Personal Traits of a Narcissist

Self-centered, arrogant, full of themselves, thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, an excessive need for admiration, cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, demanding and think they are perfect.

How To Make a Narcissist Miserable

To make a narcissist miserable is to become a narcissistic yourself, so as to make life unconducive for a narcissist.

Here is how to make a narcissist miserable, when you don’t get easily upset, a narcissistic person gets annoyed and frustrated and can go into depression.

Here are the ways to make a narcissist miserable

1. Become a narcissist: if a narcissistic person tries to make life uncomfortable for you, it is wise to play along, make a narcissist miserable by simply becoming a narcissist yourself.

Know that you can not become a sheep to fight a lion, you must be either a lion or something even more powerful to beat.

Note that, becoming a narcissistic person to make a narcissist miserable is just an act and not an attitude to posses, as being a narcissistic person doesn’t possess a good trait.

2. Humiliate a narcissistic person: You need to do twice as much to make a narcissist miserable. By humiliating a narcissistic person you can easily gain your ground while the narcissistic feel intimidated.

3. Never get upset: sometimes you do not use violence to win over violence. You just need to act as the fool to make the fool look more foolish. Here is how to make a narcissist miserable, give a narcissistic person reason to get annoyed and frustrated, but you not getting upset no matter how annoying they are.

4. Provoke to surrender: You need to make the provoker provoke by doing twice as much arrogance, selfish and manipulative they may be. To make a narcissist miserable is to provoke a narcissistic person to surrender.

5. Silence treatment: You should know by now that the best answer for a fool is silence. A narcissistic person will always want a reply from you, so as to counter attack you but when they do not get a word from you they start to get frustrated, which indirectly makes them become miserable to themselves and others.

6. Act completely negligence: Make sure you pay no single attention to what a narcissistic person does. To make a narcissist miserable is to act completely negligent. Keep every word as less valuable or important, just keep on doing your thing like you care less. They start to become frustrated.

7. Become a disappointment: A narcissistic person will always want a response from you after they might have act upon their narcissist miserable behaviour, but you not responding to whatever they do is a disappointment to them, which makes a narcissist miserable.

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