8 Quick Aid on How To Stop Being High

If you have experience, the devil that drugs, weed or alcohol do to man, you will desperately want to know how to stop being high or rather never go near any of this toxic substance.

How to stop being high

The effect of these dangerous drugs, weed and drinks has led so many to lose their rights, possessions, loved ones, freedom and even cost many to live a miserable life while others who are unfortunate, have lost their lives from the struggle to know how to stop being high.

Cannabis, marijuana, hashish, bhang, hemp, kef, kif, charas, ganja, sinsemilla, reefer, loud, Arizona and many more aren’t good for your health. They only get you intoxicated and will never solve a problem.

All these supplements make you high and also force someone to misbehave.

When high, people lose their consciousness, while being controlled by the bad influence of the supplements they have consumed.

Though, all these toxic supplements are made out of plants which is an herbal medicine to cure many of the sicknesses and diseases in the world.

Infact, a drug like tramadol is a very effective pain killing drug that is sometimes recommended at the hospital when pain is very severe. It is also commonly used for surgery to kill pain.

Cannabidiol, a substance that is present in marijuana, received approval in June 2018 as a treatment for some types of epilepsy. – medicalnewstoday

However, there is great need to stop being high, as there is no amount of toxic substances that can not make a person high.

Don’t dare any intake or supplement in small or large quantities. It can disgrace you, render you useless, and insecure.

The outcomes are always demoralising and embarrassing. Such that you find it hard to control yourself.

How To Stop Being High

To know how to stop being high, simply make up your mind to abstain from toxic substances.

Reduce high intake to stop being high, take palm oil to suppress toxins, chew cassava flour, eat heavy meals, shower and have enough sleep.

1. Know your limit: Our system works in different ways. Everyone of us has our limit to what we consume, especially in terms of toxic drugs, smoke or alcohol. That your friend can consume two smokes does not mean you can consume three, or even one.

If you feel getting high helps you relax or in another way, it then does not mean you should abuse it, but rather limit your consumption to stop being high.

2. Take a shower: pouring water on your head or taking shower will aid stop being high. It cools your head

3. Take cassava flour (Garri): If you are feeling intoxicated of highness as a result of the supplements or substances consumed. Chewing cassava flour reduces the toxicity of the supplements you have consumed. Make sure you do not soak it in water, take the cassava flower dry.

4. Take palm oil: Few teaspoons of palm oil can help reduce intoxication. I have personal experience of how palm oil suppresses highness. The experience was not pleasant but thanks to the use of red palm oil to stop being high. Infact, NCBI says ‘there is also credible evidence showing that palm oil vitamin E has potential anti-inflammatory properties’.

5. Eat a heavy meal: After being high, it is very important to eat well, a heavy meal before and after highness can help stop being high. Don’t take drugs, alcohol, or weed on an empty stomach.

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6. Long sleep: If you start feeling intoxicated by the substance consumed. To avoid misbehaving, it is best to find a comfortable place to take a deep sleep, this helps calm you down and stop being high.

7. Reduce high intake: Even if by all means you take toxic substances and try to reduce the high intake. High intake of these things will never permanently solve your problem, it might reduce the pain for a while but won’t leave. Instead, it makes you consume more.

8. Stop highness: Make up your mind: why not stop highness to stop being high. This is the cheapest but the most valuable advice that can sincerely help you stop being high.

Take time to check out the result of your intake, the problem, damage highness may have caused to your health and embarrassment it has cost, and the solution it has solved you.

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