13 Means Of Solving The Money Problem of Poor Mindset

You might have wondered why the money problem is one of the greatest problem of humanity.

Follow this mindset to solving the money problem; if you can solve one, you can solve more.

This is because, people focus on making money rather than solving money problems.

Aside from climate change being a threat to human health and to the world, poverty still remains one of the fearest human problems.

This mindset of making money rather than finding means to solve the money problem is one issue why people remain poor.

The truth remains, without you finding a solution to a problem, it will be difficult to solve the money issue.

Solving money problem needs strategy, you do not have to find the money but rather make the money find you.

Making this happen means you are solving the money issue in a strategic way.

The problem remains, only few people understand this fact and for the few who do, they find it difficult to make it happen.

Therefore, if you want to make money, you need to find means of solving the money issue.

Do you know that the number one humanity problem is poverty? Eradicating poverty remains the one concern that humans find hard to solve.

The reason why poverty is the hard problem to solve for mankind is that many people aren’t ready to help the world.

If you think, heavy duty or complex or hard work is the result to solving the money issue then you are wrong.

And if you also think, instant gratification can solve the money problem, you are also not correct.

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If you think being religious will also solve the money problem for you, without putting all your all into the right things and working in the right path to success, you are also wrong.

Solution To Solving The Money Problem

If you want to solve the money problem, then you should know how to make money for others by solving problems of the world.

Solving the money issue requires the right mindset to provide a solution to at least one major problem of the world.

Solving the money problem requires you to find a solution to an existing problem of humanity.

Aside from being hardworking, creative, patient and consistent, solving the money problem still needs some positive mindset and decision making technique.

How To Solve Money Problem

1. Can’t solve common problems: Solving the money issue requires you solving common problems around you. Find a problem that humanity struggles with, provide a solution to this problem makes you a money problem solver.

2. Instant gratification: The problem of the world will fail to stop if humanity holds on to the instant gratification mindset. Hoping to see immediate results after working on something. This does not really work in this path. Solving the money issue requires patience, hoping to see instant results will not work.

3. Create value: Solving the money problem comes with responsibilities, which requires creating value. If you really want to solve the money issue you must have something meaningful, a value to offer.

4. Hard work turns success mindset: The mindset that doing rigorous work means high earning is a wrong mindset to abstain from. Though it is good to be hardworking, believing that complex work results in success is no other than a problem in itself.

5. Making money a god: There are so many wrong mindset you need to let go if you really want to solve the money problem, one of which is making money a god. How is this so, by making money your top priority without human feelings for other people or choosing money over every other thing will only consume you, then make you run after shadows while leaving reality of life behind.

6. Oppression: falling for peers, social pressure will only make you run out of the way. Oppression from people or things around you will not help provide a solution to solving the money issue but end you up in depression. You should not be oppressed if you want to solve the money problem.

7. Fear of not making money: This fear alone is a money problem. The fears you are not making money while never bringing a solution to solving the money issue.

8. No making money strategy: Without a strategy you can not solve the money problem. So many people work so hard that they get exhausted and old without achieving anything. Reason for this is simply because they do not have a making money strategy to solving the money issue.

9. Hope without action: another poor mindset is hoping for something without action. You can not sit back and relax hoping to see the result of something you haven’t done or done so well. Many people who are of this poor mindset end up being poor.

10. Religion over common sense: To make money has little or nothing to do with religion. Being religious without applying common sense will never solve the money problem for you. Some countries have taken religion to make wealth, believing that the amount of prayer results in solving the money problem. This is a false mindset that doesn’t work. If you want to make money, work for it and not use religion to cover up laziness.

11. Depending solely on the government provision: Blaming the government won’t solve the money problem. It only complicates things as you keep wasting your time and waiting for the impossible to happen. Stop being dependent on the government to do everything, you can solve the money problem if you can take responsibilities on your shoulder to make a difference.

12. Fear to leave your circle: Many people are out there running in circles, while others are scared to leave their circle due to fear of facing the reality of life. To solving the money problem requires a person to leave his or her comfort zone, step out and face reality.

13. Stock in primitive ideology: being fixed minded won’t give you a chance to overcome poverty. That primitive mindset has to be taken away or buried. Believing that you must follow a certain lay down footsteps or legacy is the right way to solving the money problem will never help out.

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