14 Bad Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

Respect from friends naturally promotes respect from people, but if you aren’t getting that respect you deserve, it is time to know signs your friend doesn’t respect you.

After which, you can easily filter out the arrogant ones from respectful friends.

waste your time to know signs your friend doesn't respect you if you don't possess some quality values that your friends can benefit from.

Respect should naturally come from friends but when you start to notice some strange behaviour from them, you should know you are becoming disgusting to your friends.

Being respected is something that works more with value and loyalty, a person who will respect you will weigh you in terms of loyalty, value or both.

When we talk of loyalty, the true meaning of loyalty has more to do with respect. Though in some cases, there is no level of loyalty that can command respect as some people are just full of themselves not to respect you.

When we talk of how to know your friend respects you, it is important to keep notice of signs your friend doesn’t respect you. This will give you an insight of who among your friends respect you or not.

Benefit Of Respect From Friend

Respect from friends greatly promotes people’s attitudes towards you. When your a friend respect you, it directly signifies to other people how valuable you are, but when a friend fail to respect you, it means you can easily be looked down on by people.

If your friends respect you, every other person will respect you, be it that they know you in person or not.

 If you know the importance of being respected, then you should also keep track of signs your friend doesn’t respect you.

How To Get Value For Respect

Before we dive in on signs your friend doesn’t respect you. You should know that respect won’t come from your friends if you possess no quality or great value and some level of loyalty.

I will advise you not to fool yourself or waste your time to know signs your friend doesn’t respect you if you don’t possess some quality values that your friends can benefit from.

You must have something reasonable to offer, you shouldn’t be a deadhead or dry idea person. You should be able to be creative, innovative and productive if you want friends to respect you.

Why You Don’t Get The Respect You Deserve

Get this straight, respect from a friend is not always about money, respect is measured by worth, an accumulated amount of value possessed by a person.

When you have unique ideas or other values, respect from friends will come naturally, be it that you meet up their standard or not. That does not matter, what matters is what you have that they don’t but longing to possess. 

With this, you become an asset to your friends and they will never take you for granted. 

Here are Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Respect You

1. Seems less protective: Friends who respect you will always try to protect you at all cost, it does not matter to them risking their life for you. Knowing the kind of friends to keep will help point out good and bad friends.

2. Your friend doesn’t mind their speech: A friend who does not mind the way they talk to you, not considering if their words will hurt you or not aren’t good friends. Signs your friend doesn’t respect you is when friends dont mind their speech.

3. Your friend doesn’t value you: Signs your friend doesn’t respect you start among friends who don’t value you. Value is a great virtue when it comes to respect. As explained earlier, value plays a big role on how a friend will value you. If you have something meaningful to offer the friendship, friends will value you, if otherwise, then respect can be compromised.

4. Your friend doesn’t acknowledge you: Acknowledgement contributes immensely toward the respect a friend has for you. Acknowledgements are a sign your friend respects you.

5. Yell at you: If your friends frequently yell or shout at you it shows your friend doesn’t  not respect you, if your friend can do so privately, then it can be done publicly, which can easily lead to embarrassment.

6. Speak ill of you: A disrespectful friend will always speak ill of you. This kind of friend will never have anything positive or good to say about you.

7. Bully you: Bullying is a sign your friends don’t respect you. This shows signs of intimidation and humiliation, a friend who bullies you isn’t a friend to be with.

8. Belittling you: Having friends who belittle you among others isn’t a good friend, this kind of friend will never respect you.

9. Look down on you: There are friends that completely look down on you just because you lack something, this friend will always look down on you and will never respect you because you don’t meet up to their standard.

10. Ignore your opinion: Any friend who continually says your opinion does not count has no respect for you. 

11. Sideline you: He who sideline you as a friend has no room for respect for you. A good friend who will respect you will always carry you along no matter what.

12. Hang up on you: Lack of respect makes a friend hang up on you during a serious conversation. It is a bad sign your friend doesn’t respect you.

13. Completely blunt at you: A friend who doesn’t respect you will never weigh their words before altering them out. Being completely blunt is a sign that your friend doesn’t respect you. 

14. Use of abusive words: using abusive words is becoming a norm but take note of those abusive words, how often it is sad to you even when you caution them. If these words are not controlled or stopped it is a bad sign your friend doesn’t respect you. 

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