How Short People Go To Heaven In The End

If you ask me, will short people make heaven? Short people will go to heaven the same way as a tall person will.

Short people will go to heaven if they drop some of their weird stuff. Short people will make heaven when they realise life is short.

We are all human and there should be no discrimination between being short or tall.

Will Short People Go To Heaven

Everybody and everything in this world is made for a reason, that a short person will or will not make heaven shouldn’t be the context but how do we have to live a good and righteous life to make heaven at the end should be our major concern.

Short people, from my experience of having many of them as friends, family, relatives, colleagues and co-worker has given me an insight of if they will make heaven or not.

Short people are great people, there is no difference between a tall person and a short person.

But people tend to abuse and take advantage of the situation to discriminate. Which in one way or the other discrimination affects our personal life.

Discrimination is norm in human nature, but it can cause disrespect and humiliation which can easily lead to depression.

However, there is ways around this as a person can easily replace discrimination with respect. You can always get your respect back irrespective of your race, size, religion or ethnic differences.

This stuff short people need to drop to make heaven is nothing but their weird attitude, greed, selfishness which is also common in tall people.

The thing is, anybody can go to heaven, be it tall or short p, all that matters is the person’s attitude towards their fellow beings.

Traits Of A Short Person

Short people’s personality has a very big role to play if they will make heaven or not.

From history, short people have these personal traits that aren’t pleasant making it not sure if truly they will make heaven.

Since we all know heaven is a sacred place for holy saints, this means making heaven for a short person need more of doing good and have positive personal traits. Without this, if you did ask me, will short people go to heaven? I will probably say not.

For tall and short people will make heaven If only they stay away from bad energy.

Though, everybody possesses some negative personal traits that does not really fit in heaven, making it difficult to determine if humans will truly make heaven or not.

How Short People Will Make Heaven

From these negative traits, a short person will not make heaven if he is found repeating these common negative traits that will not make them go to heaven.

Accept corrections: Most short people will not make heaven because they are fond of not listening or taking corrections.

Short People Manipulate: Short people also have this bad energy of manipulation, they tend to compromise things by taking sides just to their own advantage. I do not know why many are really like that but that is most short people nature.

Love your neighbor’s: A hort person will go to heaven if h love their neighbors as themselves. This is the commandment of God. Short people who will go to heaven must obey this.

Stop being greedy: Aside from being a manipulator which is commonly found in every human nature, short people will not make it even if they are greedy. There is love in sharing and being open.

Stop being too smart: Another reason among other reasons why a short p will not make heaven is because they are fond of being too smart, while they are not, they try play on other people’s intelligence which does not help.

Corny lifestyle doesn’t make heaven: I do not know how most short people tend to be corny but they surely have to know that being corny will not make heaven.

Will Short People Go To Heaven

Short people will go to heaven the same way a tall person will make heaven. In fact, not only will they go to heaven but do better in heaven.

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