What Should I Do With My Life? 10 Things To Try Today

Leaving the teen age to an adult is a challenging stage of life. Sometimes I feel like I should go back to teen and still get pampered. Maybe by then I can figure out what I should do with my life.


Fantasy Life Of A Teenage

The life of a teen at the primary level is always a life full of fantasy. A time to imagine oneself to be the greatest in the world. Seeing yourself like our life is already made for greatness, like success is just at the tip of our hands. 

Little do we know that all that flamboyant life we hope for are just mere imaginations, illusions that fade away in time.

 What Should I Do With My Life? You should do alot with your life when you find purpose for your existence.

The reality awaits us but we pay little or no attention to it. 

When we see people struggling at that time, many of us feel they are too lazy or not doing enough, we easily find fault in their mistakes, we out of ignorance forget that, it is only when we experience we see the true reality.

Now here we are, looking back to our past, confused with the present and yet do not know what the future holds. We try so hard to figure out what I can do with my life.

Obviously, things aren’t the way it was. My expectations and dreams are just fading away, like I am lost in the cloud, like a needle in the middle of a desert, completely lost in thought.


Seems like age is against me yet I can not still find what to do with my life.


Are you in this same struggle as I am? Where you try to find a way out of what you can do with your life.


How To Know What You Should Do With Your Life


1. Have a purpose: At this point, I am sure there is literally no vision and all dreams I aspired to might have been dead since everything isn’t working. This actually happens due to lack of motivation, you should know how to find motivation in times like this .

You can do so much with your life when you have purpose. You should know the basic reason why you are in this world. 

Like Socrates said, “an unexamined life isn’t worth living”. A life without a purpose will never know what to do with life.


2. Start with your old fantasies: Actually this really works out for so many people who ask the same question of what to do with their lives.  Your teen life as a child give you so much insight of what you can do with your life, it is probably because you didn’t take those dreams you thought of back then seriously or you pay no attention to them.

If you can’t recall, you should ask your parents, guardian, siblings or neighbor’s of what they see you find so much interest doing while young. 

If you can figure this out and sound meaningful, then start your life by doing what you know how to do best.

3. Find your passion: there is actually something you are always passionate about. That thing you love to do even when you aren’t paid. 

4. Engage in community services: starting a life from a free community service isn’t a bad idea, there are alot of benefits in doing voluntary services for the community you live in. Doing this can attract influential persons to notice you and then give you a better job that can easily change your life. Community service is not for the idle or persecution but a citizen duty.

5. Start a job for free: Have you ever thought of walking down to a company, telling them you want to work and not get paid?

This might sound stupid, yet a better way to success. Instead of wasting your time, skill, talents at home doing nothing. Go to a company that you believe you can add value to with a little of your ability and knowledge. 

Oh! You may think you do not have the job experience. Well it is not necessary to have work experience,  you can simply gain job experience without any experience. They will welcome you and want to work with you. There you find opportunities, in the meantime while you work, you can then figure out a better way out.

Mind you, many companies may reject you but you need to keep trying.

6. Learn a skill: The first advantage of learning a skill is that it increases your value, ability to perform, and also shows you are responsible. After which you start making money. There are so many online skills you can learn. The moment you start making money, the question of what should I do with my life will be over.

7. Create opportunities: The problem of the world is that people who create opportunities are fewer than people who get opportunities. You don’t necessarily need a job to create opportunities for others, you can simply be the job that creates opportunities by solving problems.

8. Solve a problem: there is much you can do with your life in terms of problem solving. There are so many problems in the world that people do not pay attention to, check around you. It might not be serious or rigorous but there is always a problem to be solved. There are many people out there who find joy in solving problems, even without pay.

9. Create values: Do you know if you create values for yourself, a thing people see which give them more reasons to stick to you, these values could be something other people wish to have but they don’t. Like being informative, updated, having online resources or material, being very hard working and being good at it and many more are values that pays off.

10. Impart people’s lives: You don’t have to be missionary, or own a non profitable organisation before you can impart other peoples life. There are people out there doing extremely good by affecting people’s life positively with the little they can, by helping the poor, giving people words of encouragement and confidence.


There are a lot of things you can do with your life if you can examine your life and then open your eyes to reality.


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