10 Ways To Raise Money As Broke Student

Students are most likely to go broke in school and there is little or nothing to do about it. However, for broke students who want to survive, knowledge on how to raise money to make money should be the way forward.

How To Raise Money As Student

Either you are planning to start a business or you are just a broke student who is finding how to raise money to keep up with life. It’s time to sit back and put some things into action.

This way, I am about to teach you is something I have personally tried while in school and it works like magic.

Don’t be influenced by friends, or indulge in unproductive activities just because you are broke.

There are several ways to make money and if you do not have what it takes to make money, then start an online business.

Teach Language Earn Online With Cudoo

One of the best ways for broke students to raise money is to earn some dollars by teaching a language with Cudoo. Don’t waste your talent if you can speak multiple languages, use your talent to make money.

Learn An International Language With TEFL

You can simply start by raising money with that little skill you think it’s a waste or unproductive.

Why I am pushing to raise money for yourself is because the reality about money making still remains.

You don’t have to travel abroad to teach a language you know, you can be in school, at your comfort zone and still raise money by teaching an international language online at TEFL.

How To Make Money As Student

You need to have money to make money, so the question to ask yourself right now is how do you make money when you have no means?

You should have noted that the rich grow faster in making money while the poor strive to get a foot in the lane even when they have the talent, skill or idea.

The bad is, talent, skill or ideas isn’t enough to make money if you do not have the right resources at hand.

If you aren’t careful, you may end up parabulating in a circle till you run out of time and eventually definitely run into depression.

Remember nothing good comes easy, to make money isn’t easy as well, especially for those who do not have resources.

But wait a minute, if making money isn’t easy then what if raising money to make money will be easy.

At times, most of us have the right resources to raise money to make money but we are naturally ignorant of those things and how to put the resources, energy into action.

On one hand, if you know you have what it takes to raise money as a broke student but you doubt the success rate, it is time to take the risk.

I do say something, ‘there is nothing wrong in failing but there are so many things wrong with being a failure’.

What this means is, failing is a natural thing in life, even the most successful people have once failed woefully, one thing they never admit to is to remain a failure.

How did they achieve this? they keep trying and accept failure as a lesson, a step up to success.

Let me give you a clear example of a failed person but never a failure.

Do you remember the Inventor named Thomas Edision? If you do not know, then see how he achieved success by failing over 900 times before achieving one of the world inventions of all time. ‘LIght bulb’.

Broke students can make money and also get rich even before graduating from school.

How To Raise Money As A Broke Student

It’s as simple as using what you have to get what you want. To raise money as a broke student, you need value, creativity and risk to make money.

1. Sell things you don’t need: Look within you, there are things you literally don’t need that are taking your space and at the same time making you go broke, things like extra gadgets, clothes, shoes and all. Sell them out and raise money.

2. Write assignment for student: A good way to raise money is to become a student freelancer. Broke students can easily make money by helping other students write their assignments and get paid.

3. Become a project writer: just like writing assignments to raise money, another alternative to this is to become a project writer for students. Many students are lazy while others are busy with other activities, you can seize this opportunity by getting paid to write school projects for students in their final year.

4. Learn how to write cv for student: Though, I write resume for students here at studentfears, I can basically teach you how to write cv for student, simply send me a mail to get a tutor on how to write a cv that makes money.

5. Start affiliate marketing: You can simply start making and raise money as a broke student by starting affiliate marketing.

You need a website to get started, you can simply get started with blogspot, I only recommend blogspot if you are completely broke, if not, please go for a self hosted website.

All you need to do to get started for affiliate marketing is to sign up at Shareasale and get to promote products your audience can engage with or buy.

6. Become a babysitter: Take it or leave it, raising money isn’t about waiting for a return without doing something. You can become a babysitter to raise money.

7. Rent your stuff out: just like selling what you don’t need to raise money, a broke student should rent out their stuff to make money. If you have two pieces of devices, rent one out.

8. Become a tutor: Teaching other students can make broke students raise money. Organize tutorial classes for your colleagues and earn money for your service.

9. Buy and sell domain: Do you know you can sit down at your comfort zone and make cool cash, this is simply by monitoring expired domains, buy them and sell them to people who are looking for that particular domain keyword. Inbox me on my contact page If you have interest in the business.

10. Teach Microsoft Office Suite: Having knowledge on Microsoft office suite can help broke students raise money during school years. The world is turned to an internet age where literally major, crucial and important things are done on the computer. Microsoft Office such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel are the three major softwares used in school.

Aside from Microsoft office online class, we offer other good affordable means of raising money for broke students in our Adult education online training class for students.

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