Kuda Bank Review: A Better Freedom For Your Money

Kuda bank is a microfinance bank in Nigeria offering one of the best services to users.Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank Head Office

Her head office is at Kuda, Moore House, 151 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba 101245, Lagos.


Being an entrepreneur for almost a decade has given me a vast amount of knowledge and also made me try some new things and as well made me take some risky steps.

One of those new things I have tried out is utilizing kuda bank to see its maximum potential and value it has to the market world in terms of money transactions.

Is Kuda Bank A Good Bank?

Yes, Kuda microfinance bank is a legit bank because it gives you the freedom to manage your money without restriction.

Why is kuda better? even though kuda has its limitations. It is by far better than other banks.

Kuda will never charge you for anything you didn’t opt in for. Such as stamp duty, SMS alert and other monthly charges other banks charge.

After that you might have exhausted the monthly transfer limit of 25. Kuda will only charge 10 Naira.

How To Open Kuda Bank Account

To get the best out of their services, you need to open an account on their official app here on Googleplay store.
Sign up and use this code as a referral code: Q4KPA9PT

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After using the code, you can easily follow the steps as instructed.

Benefit Of Using Kuda Bank

Kuda, among other banks in Nigeria. It offers an astonishing number of free transfers per month.

The number of free transfers is slightly different from users to users. On a normal basis, Kuda Bank offers 25 free bank transfers to other banks per month.

Kuda Bank Account Limit To Other Banks

Sending per transaction – 1,000,000,00

Receiving per transaction – Unlimited

Daily transfer limit – Unlimited

Kuda ATM Withdrawal

Single withdrawals – 30,000
Withdrawal per day – 5 times

Kuda Bank Pos Payment – 500,000

Transfer limit can also be extended to 50 free transfers per month, depending on how well you make use of the account.

The microfinance bank functions as all other banks do, such as money wiring, selling of airtime and paying utility bills, through payment link and web payment.

You can use kuda as a budget saving platform as it has an automatic means of helping you save up some money for emergency purposes.

Free Kuda Bank ATM Card

You can get a Visa card on kuda simply by applying for one on their platform. Kuda ATM card is free. However, you will need a minimum of 1,000Naira in your account.

Free kuda bank ATM card

Kuda ATM Delivery

After you have filled the form on your app while applying for your ATM. Kuda will deliver your ATM directly to your door step.


Kuda Help Center

Call: 01-633-5832 to speak with a kuda customer care representative. Or send them Email: [email protected]

Please comment below for any other question.



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