How To Successfully Pass Exam Without Studying

There are times you won’t feel like studying but you have to write and pass exam. Many students like you would really want to know if it is possible to pass exam without studying.

If truly you want a way out of writing and pass exam with little or no effort into studying, then you should be ready to carry the mantle.

There are times that we just want to come out with good grades, a better result to be proud of, a better grade to overcome peer pressure and other pressure from around you, yet, you feel you don’t want to study but want to pass exams.

Simply jotting down the main keywords while being punctual to class will help pass exam without studying

This kind of feeling comes naturally to students, even the gurus and brilliant students feel lazy to study sometimes. – It is just natural tiredness of the mind.

To study means to read for exam, to pass exam without studying means to not read but pass exams.

The latter is our main objective here, which is to write and pass exam successfully without studying.

If you haven’t seen the post on how to pass exam successfully, take some minutes out to read it, you can then come back to fill in the knowledge gained with this post.

How To Pass Exam Without Studying

1. Be punctual to class: Remember why you are in school, ‘to study’. If you want to dodge passing exam without studying then you should focus on punctuality to class. Don’t miss out on every piece of your teacher/lecturer’s teachings. Make sure you get all the information passed In class.

2. Be a good listener in class: Being punctual in class isn’t enough to pass exams without studying. There are students who are always punctual to classes but end up gaining nothing. You need to be a good listener, pay attention to the teaching all through.

3. Have brilliant colleagues: Mingling with brilliant students gives an edge over failure. You can easily pass exam without studying when you have gurus as friends. These people will only help you succeed if you are brilliant as well. Remember, iron sharpens iron.

4. Revise immediately after class: After you are punctual, a good listener, and have brilliant colleagues around you to assist in time of academic needs, there is a need to revise what you have learnt. Don’t take too long before you digest what you have learnt. The best bet is to do so immediately when you get to your hostel or home.

5. Ask alot of questions: Many students fail just because they fear to ask questions in class. If you are part of this set of students, you should know by now that failure to ask questions will never help when it is time for an exam. None of these students are paying your school fee, you don’t owe them anything either. Be confident to ask questions, but if you feel asking questions is a concern, then try overcoming public speaking.

6. Jot down keywords: It is not about writing a lot of notes in class or reading a lot of notes given to you, sometimes shorter notes are better.

Simply jotting down the main keywords while being punctual to class will help pass exam without studying.

7. Sleep well: Taking all the above steps without having a sound sleep will contribute to exam failure. To successfully pass exam without having a sound sleep will not help.

Research suggests that sleep helps learning and memory in two distinct ways. First, a sleep-deprived person cannot focus attention optimally and therefore cannot learn efficiently. Second, sleep itself has a role in the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information. – According to Healthysleep, an educational expert organisation on healthy sleep.

8. Be positive about the end result: A positive mind accepts possibilities. When you are positive that you can achieve something through, hardwork and dedication to studies, it is easier to pass exam without studying.

9. Eat healthy foods: There is a large number of students who suffer from malnutrition, yet struggle to pass exam.

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