How To Pass Exam Successfully With Good Result

It is those who make up their mind for success that achieve great things, likewise students who are ready to pass exam successfully come out in flying colours.

How to pass exam successfully

That’s being easily said, yet you need to keep in mind that nothing good comes easy and for those who get good things easily, will at one point find it hard to maintain.

They either keep struggling with it or fail at it with time. If you don’t get the logic, know today that time is literally everything that makes up success, which directly applies to how a student can pass an exam successfully.

Why do students fail to pass exam?

This is a million dollar question that I will discuss. Painfully, this topic has been discussed and preached severely but it remains ironic that students find it hard to understand, admit or hold on to it.

Why Students Fail Exam

Curious on why students fail to pass exams? it is simply the same reason why some other students pass exam.

Same Reason why student fail exam, is same reason why other students pass exam successfully.

You see, most students know the truth and the way to pass exam successfully but many pay no attention to it, acting out of negligence, ignorance and the most common student problem, ‘laziness’.

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While there are a few students who life does not go really well as planned, those who struggle to meet up with need while school keep demanding alot more from them.

This students are not to be blamed directly for not passing exams, they are just in an unfortunate condition which they struggle to overcome.

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These sets of students should not be blamed for failure, especially students who battle with financial instability, students who do not find help in human, nor depend upon someone for help but instead fend for themselves by overworking themselves to get ends meet and sponsor themselves to school.

Nevertheless, there is a generally acceptable way students can pass exam successfully.

How To Pass Exam Successfully

1. Don’t procrastinate: Laziness and procrastination are the two most common reasons why students do not pass exams. Laziness leads to procrastination, procrastinating about things leads to failure. The inability to do the right thing at the right times ends students in complete failure. Don’t procrastinate over things, doing the general things at the appropriate time helps pass exams successfully.

2. Persistence in reading: One thing noticed about students is that they easily get carried away with fun and other activities while leaving the subject matter idle. The truth of the matter is that many students know that persistent reading is the way forward to passing an exam. When you read often, what you have learnt gets stored in the brain.

3. Make reading a habit: Until you make reading your best friend and a habit, a way of life that you can not do without. Only then will a student pass the exam successfully. If you hate reading, love it from now on, if you want to pass.

4 Love the course you hate: Same way students hate to read is the same way they hate to read courses they don’t like or have no interest in. You need to remember why you are in school, ‘it is simply to pass’. How will you succeed if you hate what you want?

5. Be a good listener in class: Students who truly want to pass exams will do well to be a good listener. A good listener pays attention to every detail to teachers’ words, the highest to pay attention in class is at least 2hours. Make use of this time effectively.

6. Ask genuine questions: It is not ideal to ask every question that comes to mind when in class, but better to pick the most important ones, before and when in class then ask when it is time for questioning. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions in class, failing to ask questions only ends a person up in complete failure and regrets.

7. Have a reading routine: There is no other way to assimilate what has been taught and no better way to gain more knowledge. With a consistent reading routine, you have a better chance of success in exams.

8. Intense revision: Don’t just drop your bags and conclude you are done learning for the day, revise every single time when you get home from school. Because you listened or assimilated what is taught in class should not give you the confidence that you have known it. Intense revision will help you pass an exam.

9. Be familiar with a to-do list: This means you need to be organized. Many students do not have a timetable for themselves nor do they have a routine at which they follow on a daily basis. A to-do list will make you organized and also make you more disciplined.

10. Be punctual to class: Only when you know what the teacher teaches you can be confident of what you have learned. Coming late for a lecture will never help when it comes to passing an exam.

11. Study beyond course outline: It is a pain that most students do not cover the course outlines before the end of the semester, term or section. Yet, they prepare blindly for exams. To pass the exam, you need to be able to cover at least 80% of the course outline and beyond. Read other materials your teacher or lecturer didn’t provide to gain more knowledge ahead of the subject.

12. Make friends with gurus: Don’t mingle with people who you are better off intellectually. Make friends and study with colleagues who know better and are ready to help you succeed.

13. Share knowledge with colleagues: There is no better way to gain knowledge than to share what you know with people who know better. This will increasingly boost your chances of passing an exam successfully.

14. Learn to be independent: Hope that your friends will teach you or give you some expo while an exam hall isn’t ideal for success. You need to prepare and be ready to face any challenge in the exam yourself, this does not mean that you shouldn’t ask for hints if you are stocked, you can do well to limit it when you are prepared ahead of time.

15. Be positive for success: Some are already a failure even before the exam commences. Fear of failure in itself is one reason student fail to pass. With the mindset that they can not pass the exam due to the complexity of the course. This is no good way to succeed. Even in the most difficult situations, you need to always be positive.

16. Start an exam with good vibes: Going into an exam with a good vibe is just the best bet to a happy exam, accompanied with the fact that you are prepared.

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