How To Overcome Decision Making As A Student Concerns

Decision making is a tough task for students who can not boldly decide for themselves.

Decision making

The worst of it all is how to come to a conclusion on a decision.

Fear of decision making is one of the most difficult student concerns that not few but many students struggle to overcome.

Statistics On Student Decision Making

From the students’ experiences and data which I have collected so far, it is overwhelming to know but it shouldn’t be a strange thing that over 86% of students are battling with decision making as a concern.

This is simply because students are mostly at their prime, teenagers, or adolescents age during this time in school.

This stage may be fun but at the same time could be a worse nightmare to ever experience. In fact many students claim that they wish not to experience some of the things they had faced if given the opportunity to go back to their past.

Reason for this is clear: many students do not have the resources nor the experience to overcome their fears.

Most of them feel left out in a cold war without knowing where to turn to or start from, they are far lost in their thought as they battle with both fear and pressure from home and school.

They do not know who to ask for help or advice. Some who do, unfortunately, are victims of circumstances, as they end up taking advice from the wrong set of people who then influence them to participate in making unjust and immoral decisions.

This alone is a fear that has ruined so many potential student careers. Taking advice from a friend is a student concern and still making decisions remains a fear to overcome.

Impact of late decision making

When it comes to decision making, student must understand that it is important to come up with a solution or a final decision before things get out of hand.

The impact of not being concerned about what decision to make is more harmful than coming up with a conclusive decision that didn’t end up productive.

Get these two things right. 1. Prolong and 2. blind conclusive decisions are two different things to consider when trying to overcome fear of decision making.

Effect Of Prolong Decision Making

The good thing about this is that, the more you prolong the decision the better you can get to a final conclusion and still the worse it could hurt and harm a student mentally and physically.

The more you fail to conclude about something the more confusing, disturbing and worrying it becomes, in fact anxiety can easily set in, Negative thoughts and ideas, Procrastination, Depression and even Death.

Blind Conclusive Decision Making

This is an end conclusion to decision making concern with concrete or solid conclusive proof to back it up. The good thing about this is that this kind of decision making brings you out of unnecessary worries and stress. The other side of it is that you are left with two options, whether the decision you make succeeds or fails.

Anyway it goes, there is still a need to overcome student concerns on decision making.

How To Overcome Decision Making

1. Get Help: When decisiding becomes a concern, it is best to speak out and ask people for their opinion and suggestions. In this you can easily deduce what decision to make. Remember a collective knowledge can be more productive than one.

2. Use other peoples experiences: Be it that you have collected some fact from the ideas you have gotten from other people. Use this and other related past and present experiences you have in some ways to come into conclusion.

3. Learn to be independent: The reason why many students out there can not make decisions on their own is because they rely so much on their parents, guidance or relatives to help them make decisions, but now that they are in school, it seems like they are lost in the desert. Learning to be independent and not so much dependent on people will help you go a long way, aside from decisiding itself.

4. Encourage yourself: Not getting the right motivation or encouragement can make decision a concern for students. You have to understand that, until you motivate yourself and give results, only then will people acknowledge your good work. Learn to encourage yourself without expecting a word of encouragement from others.

5. Take risk: You need to understand that decision making isn’t a win-win game. It is a risk you have to take even if you can not guarantee the certainty of its success. Take the risk when making a decision. Most importantly take it out of caution.

6. Avoid multiple choices: The reason why students find it hard to overcome decision making is either because they have enough choices or fewer choices.

The fewer choices the better, the better is the right decision to make.

7. Overcome fear of failure: You can not make the right action if you fear to fail. Keep in mind that nothing in life is made of perfection. You can only do your best and leave the rest. Nevertheless, overcome fear of failure when it sets in to make better decisions.

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