How To Make Possible to Replace Discrimination With Respect

It is in fact very possible to replace discrimination with respect if people can focus of the inside of others than the outside.

This from the creation of man, most of the potential things a person carry can not be seen from the outside such as the physical appearance.

Your values gives possibility to replace discrimination with respect. It is your pass to impartiality.


People who suffer from discrimination are mostly people who are prejudice by their race in term of racism, by there colour, by physical ability and disabilities, by geographical differences, languages, tribes and minorities.

To this day, discrimination has been a norms in the world even to people who come out to prove themselves right.

The negative effects and impact of discrimination as it affect life is that it generally affect human rights to being respected.

Even if you can not do anything meaningful to someone, the least they expect from you is respect.


What Respect Means


How do we understand the word respect. Many people see respect as a master and slave act. They feel if you aren’t up to or above their standard or class of person, it means you are not worthy of being respected.

This isn’t true. However, respect is the key against discrimination, if you really want get off being discriminated, you have to admit it is possible to replace discrimination with respect.


How then do you replace discrimination with respect?


There is no other way to possibly stop being discriminated against if you can not command respect.

It is not that you have to tell people to respect you but you have to show it that you deserve to be respected.

Remember actions speak louder than words. Words or shouting will never help get over discrimination but how you approach the matter is what matters.


Don’t use violence against violence


People do feel that using violence against violence is the best solution to a problem. It is not, though, violence sometimes is needed to help some certain situations but when it comes to getting respect from being discriminated against, violence won’t solve the problem. If you act violently and win people will still feel you are below their standard, yet using force to get what you want. 

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Effect Of Discrimination 


Sincerely, discrimination isn’t healthy, its hurts and mind disturbing and has lead many to untimely death due to depression.

Discrimination makes people feels they are not part of this world or not part of human race.

People discriminate when they find no importance in a person. It makes them feel you don’t belong here. Your presence isn’t welcome because you are more of a liability.

How then do you prove them wrong? How do you command respect among people who discriminate? 


How is it possible to replace discrimination with respect?


Simply by creating value for yourself, it is possible to replace discrimination with respect, self worth in itself is respect, high quality value does not have measure. How do you create value?

Your values gives possibility to replace discrimination with respect. It is your pass to impartially.

It is possible to replace discrimination with respect if you possess value in yourself. 

When people see you are a person of values, they forget, deliberately ignore and then act on equality and love with respect for you instead of discriminating.

How Do You Create Value


You create value against discrimination by having what others do not have or possess. It could be a skill, possession, or resources that others do not have. The moment you have this things, you immediately start getting your respect over discrimination.


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