How Starting A Job Affect Our Personal Lifestyle

JThere are good possibilities for starting a job but hope for a touch of impossiblities as starting a job affect person lifestyle.

It's better to start a job that goes well with your career, than earning without no direction.

Moving forward in life is the greatest thing to do, but it at least costs us many things that we least expected, especially when everything isn’t going well with plans.


The Face Of Life As A Starter


There is always a way our growth affects our personal lifestyle that could change us completely to be that who we never dream of. Right from the time of being a kid, going to primary, secondary and university, our personal lifestyle starts to change from how we literally hope to see it to what life made us to become.

Life is basically having its way around us, but we most times conclude we are in control of our own life and in fact our own future. 

Which let us make plans, have vision, a dream to execute as a purpose for our existence.

Most of the time it appears that we are only blown by the wind of life to any direction, that at the end it is not what we have dreamt or planned for our life that at the end comes into reality.

This made some people conclude the fatalist school of thought, to conclude that it is not literally man’s effort that counts but by divine grace. This school of thought concludes on the word Que Sera Sera which means ‘what will be will be”, be it that you put in your best effort or not, we have to leave everything to faith and hope for possibilities.

However, another school of thought argued that everything can be achieved through our hard work, commitment and consistency and perseverance among other skill sets.

Sincerely speaking if we do not want to fool ourselves, the former supersedes the latter.

Sometimes the way we plan ourselves doesn’t work as expected and sometimes life gives us more than we expected.

This simply means, starting a job can affect our personal lifestyle both negatively and positively.


How Starting a Job Affects Lifestyle Positively


1. Life exposure: The beauty about starting a job is that it gives you enough room for exposure, it makes you see things in a different way and also sharpens your thinking especially working in a good company where there are high quality standard classes of people.

2. Career path: Starting a job can help your career if you are working in a place that is resourceful in building a career. When your career, dreams, vision goes in line with your job, it gives you a sense and hope for a better lifestyle.

3. Develop a growth mindset: Many people are of shallow mindset, so many others are stuck on a fixed mindset that never grows. Starting a job can easily open your mind to see how things work in a different sphere of life.

4. You earn a stable income: There are side hustles that aren’t fixed in price or earning jobs is mostly fixed price, you either get paid on wages or salary. Any way it goes, you know you are making a stable income.

5. Job creates opportunities: Aside from earning an income, starting a job can influence your lifestyle in a positive way by creating opportunities to meet more important and influential persons.

6. Gain more experience: If you think you are so good at your field of study then try an applied job. Starting a job can positively increase knowledge and make you gain more experience.

7. Makes you responsible: A well respected and responsible person is one who can provide for his or herself and family. People respect a person who goes out in the morning and comes back from work later in the day. They also respect people who can contribute financially in time of need.


How Starting a Job Affects Life Negatively 

Getting a job you aren’t passionate about: You see, getting a job is good but starting a job without passion affects life negatively.

Many people start a job because they want to make ends meet. Little do they know that any job that has nothing to do with passion isn’t healthy. Starting such a job has a negative influence on a person’s personal lifestyle. 

Starting a job affect personal lifestyle when one is not happy with what they do. You should start a job as a career and not just to meet ends meet.

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