Adult Education Online Training On Microsoft Office

Adult education online training is a concept of online training program, where you learn Microsoft Words, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The training is to equip non and working class people on how to use the Microsoft office suite effectively.

What You Will Learn On MS Word

We will teach you how to save, create and save documents. How to use MS word Home, Insert, Layout, Page Layout, Reference, Mailing, Review, View effectively.

What You Will Learn On PowerPoint 

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program. You will learn, How to use the Home, Insert, Design, Draw, Transaction, Animation, Slideshow, Review and View effectively.

What You Will Learn On Excel

Microsoft Excel works as a spreadsheet document, Excel is mostly used in organisations for accountability, such as overdraf documents. Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that is used for storing, organizing, and manipulating and calculating data. 

You will learn the basic function of File, Insert, Page Layout, Formula, Data, Review and view

Do you want to add any or all of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel to your skill?

Is it required in your workplace or is it part of your requirement to have Microsoft office skill?

If yes, here is the right place to get the right adult education online training you need.

Simply enrol to one of the training sections to get started.

The major online training we teach are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

We focus on this basic three training program as it is one of the crucial qualifications needed to secure a job or get a promotion at the place of work.

We are dedicated to make you understand how the software works, teaching you the theoretical and practical side of it.

We have made it easy for our students to make the adult education program swift and easy to cope with.

The online training class are sectioned from the easiest to the complex, so as to make it easy to grab and understand the basics.

Our classes are taken remotely, we will as well fix the best time that fits into your schedule.

What If I want to be taught physically!

Coming down to your location is possible, if an agreement is made upon.

How to apply for an Adult Education Online Class

The registration is simple, Send us an Email, we will reply to your message in a few minutes.

Please, kindly note that, it may take more time to respond to your messages if we have loads of email coming in.

It is best to fill in the adult education online training form to book a section now rather than later.

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