What Is The Meaning Of Peer Pressure

You might have heard people say peer pressure or have somewhere had someone say he or she is unable to overcome peer pressure, then you ask yourself what really is the meaning of peer pressure.

Friends or mates persuasion to succumb through oppression is the meaning of peer pressure.

Meaning Of Peer and Pressure

Peer pressure is just a term used rather than saying pressure from mates or friends.

Let’s try to understand the word one after another. Peer simply means friends or mates. I mean people you find in the same caliber with you doing almost the same activity.

These people can be found around you. Peers can mean classmates, street friends, neighbor’s, or your siblings in your family or extended family who are of almost or same age with you.

What Pressure Means

Pressure means a continuous attempt to persuade, forced by physical or emotional threats to succumb.

Upon the condition that you have little or no power over bad energy from mates, such as being intimidated, feeling inferior, low self esteem and lack of right or will to avoid oppression from friends or age mates is the meaning of peer pressure.

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Meaning Of Peer Pressure 

Peer pressure simply means continuous persuasion from friends or mates to succumb to their own terms through oppression. Peer pressure meaning.

Peer Persuasion has become a norm in the society we live in today, as it is difficult to overcome oppression due to mounted pressure from friends.

Many who find it hard to overcome oppression from friends end up being unless to themselves and the society at the end because they aren’t on the right path.

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Knowing that you have known the meaning of peer Persuasion. It is important to keep this in mind.

Forcing yourself to belong to a set of people or group due to pressure will always end up in regrets.

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