11 Resume Skill Set Student Must Aquire

Take note that not every resume skill set is required of you. At the same time, the skill set you have aquired can be of great advantage in securing a job.

Going for an interview has simply been one of the most frustrating things for students.

Not every resume skill set you need on a cv. Your ability to perform effectively is what is required of you.

While some are selected for an interview after the resume meets up with the required criteria of the organisation.

Meeting Up With The Right Ability

It is saddening that many candidates fail to meet up or get employed due to the wrong skill set. 

Many students pay little attention to the required skill set for companies, most especially people who are new to writing a resume.

The system is ever changing but one thing remains very crucial and always constant, ‘ability’.

A candidate’s ability is measured by his skill set. The ability to perform under the required condition.

Though, work conditions differ from one organisation to another. But the right skill set could be an additional advantage to meet up with a job standard. 

Writing a resume skill set is easy, you can easily add any skill set that comes to the mind. 

In fact, the internet provided lots of lists of resume skill sets. It’s easy to copy and paste those that you feel are relevant to you.

But wait a minute, what do you consider relevant. A skill set you feel is relevant to you or a skill set a company can work with.

Let’s take the ‘Negotiation’ skill set as an example; This is a good skill set but not a must have for all companies or work organisations. 

Another factor to consider is the job position you are applying for. Including ‘language skill set’ while applying for the work of an accountant is a bit awkward.

Because most of your work is related to figures or numbers and not communication.

However, this does not say you should omit that skill set which you are capable of, I am only telling you, it is not a must but rather, add a few numbers of must have resume skill set that is required.

Resume Skill Set To Aquire

1. Listening skill: This is a must have resume skill set your employer will test you for, right in the interview room. This will show how you can give a listening ear. How well you pay attention to words and other people’s opinions rather than imposing on others.

2. Multi Language: A hot cake for local and international companies. If you can confidently speak multiple languages for local or international countries around the world. Majorly French, Spanish and some others. Including this into your resume skill set is an additional advantage.

3. Computer skill: The world has gone past letters, calculator and typewriter or fax. We are in the internet age, where almost everything is done online. Adding a computer skill set to a resume is a plus.

4. Microsoft Office: knowledge about computers is one thing, but knowing how to make use of Ms word, PowerPoint and  Excel or all of Microsoft office suite is a plus. Good knowledge about excel is enough to hand you a job.

5. Risk taking: There is no business without risk, it is just that work hazard varies from job to job. Risk taking is an important must have resume skill set for students.

6. Task challenge: Anyone who can not cope when introduced to new challenging tasks do not have the right skill set to work in any organisation. Every companies want growth, and taking up tasks is the way forward.

7. Public speaking: Starting from an interview you will be tested on how good you are at public speaking, as you will be faced with at least two to any number of interviewers who are to question your ability. 

Perhaps, you fear speaking in public places, here is how to overcome fear of public speaking. Failure to meet up with the required resume skill set is a minus.

8. Communication skill: Are you lousy, nosey or talkative, do you give listening ears or do you want your say to be final, how well can you control the audience? These are the resume skill sets they watch out for.

9. Perseverance:  Many young adults these days always want instant gratification results, lack of patience has made many give up easily on things they could have done excellently. Many people can’t persevere. Please if you know you can’t persevere, do not add that in your resume skill set.

10. Quick adaptation: working under pressure, either work environment, team environment or whatsoever place you find yourself. Learning to adapt to situations is a good resume skill set.

11. Teamwork: Carrying other people along or getting carried along easily helps businesses succeed. Teamwork is a must in a resume skill set, you should be able to show your ability to work around people.

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