9 Ways Parents Help Kids Overcome Fear Of Failure

There is nothing wrong in parents being proud of their kids failure ‘you did well today but you can do better next time’ . This alone helps kids overcome fear of failure.

Parent Responsibility On Kids Fears

A child’s success is not only assigned to the child alone, it is both the responsibility of the child and the parent to help kids overcome fear of failure. 

Letting your child know it is alright to fail, gives them hope of possibilities in there next try, which help kids overcome fear of failure.

Just as children have a great role in how their life is lived, so parents have a role to play in tracing and tracking the child’s steps so they don’t go astray.

Many kids have lost their path to success mainly because they have no one to be their guide or to believe in or see as a mentor to overcome their fears.

Parents as well fail to understand that this is the best time children need them the most, not for monetary need but as a guardian, a mentor and a source of motivation at the difficult times.

It is so saddening that most parents do not pay close attention to these things but instead, focus on how to make money to meet up with daily needs for the family. 

Giving a child little or no hope of success, yet parent hope for a child’s success is always very high.

How do you get the best out of a child when you do not build a child in that direction which he should follow.

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These are children and little do they know about life, they have no experience about what is to come and how to make it out in difficult times.

Battling with their struggles, many children end up becoming who they never hoped to become. They find protection and security, motivation and looking up to the wrong people for inspiration or guidance to overcome their fears.

At the end leaving both parents and the child in a dilemma and in complete failure. It is a parent’s duty to look after a child both physically and mentally, only few parents do this.

How To Help Kids Overcome Fear Of Failure

1. Lead by example: Any parents who cannot lead by example, only leave a child to a state of double. Parents need to make their children proud by leading by example to help kids overcome fear of failure. 

At least you as a parent need to prove to your child to show them what it takes to overcome their fears. It does not mean you should do something extraordinary that will cost you a lot but something little by yet applauding to build confidence in a child.

2. Understand your child’s weakness and strength: Many parents leave their children on a moving train without examining their child’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Do you then expect the child to perform well in academics or social life? It is almost impossible, the possibilities are left to grace. 

Knowing and working on your child’s weakness will help children overcome fear of failure because the more they can gain and build strength over their weakness the better they become to overcome their fears.

3. Let your kid know it is alright to fail: There are parents out there who cannot in anyway tolerate a child’s failure, they place that child on a rating that even them could not stand during their own time, they compare their child with other children in school based on academic performance, out of ignorance forgetting that all children can never be the same in terms of knowledge.

You should know by now that you are still bound to fail at some simple and common things you know, so why pressurize your child instead of helping kids overcome fear of failure by encouraging them to know it is alright to fail, learn from mistakes but do better next time.

4. Look after their mental health: Do not say because your child is doing great you should then focus on their physical abilities while ignoring their mental or emotional state of mind is a minus.

Many children are not mentally fit to meet up with life struggles. Parents need to pay close attention to their children’s physical and mental state of mind to help children overcome fear of failure.

5. Give them hope of possibilities: Children need what to believe in, that thing that gives them the mind of possibilities to overcome their fears. Give them something to hold on to, just like children believing a story book containing engaging images. Give them hope of possibilities which will help kids overcome fear of failure.

6. Make them feel superior: You need to make your kid feel superior over others, give them the mindset by training themselves to believe in themselves. Tell them they can do anything and achieve everything if they truly want it.

7. Boost their confidence: Help them boost their confidence when they feel something is unachievable. Give them a boost and support to overcome fear of failure in children. One way to do this is to speak motivational words to them, show their experiences and how you were able to overcome them.

8. Make kids see no reason to settle for less: Perhaps, they failed at some, does not mean they will fail at all. It is the duty of the parent to make kids see no reason to settle for less. Give them reasons why they can do better and encourage them.

9. Be proud of kids failure: Failure is not a disease nor is it a weakness, but lessons learnt in a practical way. Make your kid proud of their failure so that they can do better next time, tell them ‘you did well today but you can do better next time’. Let them feel secure with or without you.

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