Medianet: Best Alternative To Google Adsense

Call it Medianet or ads is a better alternative to Google adsense in the ads network. 

MediaNet Approval Over Google Adsense Frustration

Today, I want to show you a better way to make money on your site using the ever growing and reliable ads network ‘Medianet’.

Before we dive deep in detail, please kindly note that one or two links are affiliate links from medianet.

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It gives you more easy access to get medianet approval in no time and can also help avoid media net ads disapproval.

Google ads and media net being the major two online advertising companies have been trivial across all other ads networks. 

But still, one is still very popular and taking the lion share in the online advertising industry.

However, bloggers have tried other means to monetize their blogs but only few could stand out the frustration of adsense.

I do not say adsense isn’t good but what is more reliable that something you feel confident, convinced, and mind relieved of.

As a person, one trouble I find with adsense is that you can wake up one day and find adsense not displaying ads on your site again.

Despite the fact that google adsense approval is worrisome with very sensitive action to easily disapprove websites.

Next thing you realise is that the little income you struggled to make out of low CTR and CPM are all gone all of a sudden, basically because you fail to adhere to some of the policy.

I am not condemning adsense for being strict at publishers, nor am I debunking them of their ranking as one of the best content ads networks but I am only trying to give you a position to hold on too when considering which ads to use.

On the other hand, Medianet which is owned by Yahoo, has been one of the best ads networks for publishers and bloggers to monetize websites.

Why MediaNet Is Better 

Media net focuses on contextual ads networks for publishers. This means, the ads shown on your site are synonymous to the content you write to your readers.

This gives you a better chance of a high CTR which means, click through rate, because a user who is interested in your content is likely to be or engage with your ads.

MediaNet’s easy interface is easy to navigate through your account.

The mode of payment is great, as you easily get paid when you reach the required threshold for payment.

Medianet stands as the best alternative to Google adsense.

How Does MediaNet Work

Actually, not much have to be said about how medianet being the alternative ads monetization for websites work. 

First thing is getting medianet approval, getting approval is quite the same as getting other ads network approval, but as mentioned earlier, applying for medianet approval is quite easy.

But first take note of the following to see if your website meets up with media net requirements.

The main criteria for site approval are listed below:

1. Your website should contain a significant amount of original content that is updated regularly and with no intellectual property rights. 

2. Your website you are about to monetize should receive the majority of its traffic from US / UK / Canada. 

3. Should contain content that is primarily in the English language. 

4. Should have a reasonably high volume of visitors already using the website. At least 1,000 + traffic per month.

5. Make sure not to add excessive ads from other ads networks on your site.

Disadvantage of Using 

I haven’t had so much worse experience with it. But I notice you need to generate a good amount of traffic to make a good income.

The downside here is that medianet targets traffic coming mostly from US/UK and Canada.

Though you can use images and banners just like some other ads networks, you have to contact them to enable this. But still, using there contextual ads will make you more money when you have better if your content is engaging 

How To Apply For Media Net

Medianet ads network being the best alternative to Google adsense, has made application easy for all new and existing bloggers.

It takes 24 to 48hours which is 1 to 2days to get your website approved. 

However, making it easier and faster to get medianet approval, you can simply use this link here to get swift and fast medianet approval and start making money on your website.

Another good news is that you can add more than one website to your ads network after approval.

Perhaps, you have a question that bothers you, or you aren’t clear about something. Kindly check out Medianet FAQ to get help.

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