How To Have A Happy Classroom With Students

Happy classroom makes happy students. It is when the atmosphere of the class is conducive for students that they can easily assimilate. Then students enjoy teachers’ teachings and teachers enjoy the student company when they flow along.

Real vibes make a happy classroom for students. When students can easily flow with you they get the vibes. That feeling they want you in class

Flow Is The Source To Make Happy Classroom

If you do not get the flow, you can not carry students along. One thing to keep in mind is that students are always lively, they hate dull moments. Students can easily connect to the slightest piece of information if you get the flow right.

Don’t be outdated

These are young adults, their brain is sharp and always wanting to assimilate something new, they feel being fixated in a practical mindset is like enslavery. They don’t enjoy the vibes. Here is what to do to make a happy classroom.

Avoid being boring 

You should never practice the boring approach even if your course or subject is less interesting. Try to spice up your teaching with some charming words before introducing the topic.

Know what you are doing

Many teachers do not know what they are about to teach. Yet they come into the classroom unprepared, expecting to have a happy classroom. This won’t work, while it is most likely to backfire, ending up having a sad classroom. Making a happy classroom requires you to prepare ahead. You need to know exactly what you are coming in to teach.

Take note of student mood

Studying the mood of your student before class is a great way to get the best out of them. Mood has much to do with the approach student take in attacking something. When the mood is right the classroom is better.

Don’t go straight to the topic

In a situation where student mood isn’t pleasant, still you have a course or subject to take. It is best not to go straight to the topic but rather find interesting things to start with, so you can have a happy classroom.

Be unpredictable to Make happy classroom

A one way traffic person can not make a happy classroom as he/she can be easily predicted on what next. Students like surprises, it is up to you to know the tactics to use in making you feel unpredictable. Being unpredictable scare, terrifies but still make student feel active and happy. They literally understand that table may turn in any moment.

Be classroom friendly

Don’t come into classroom with strong face if you want a happy classroom, If you think you are trying to scare students of then you are only shooting yourself in the leg, as unfriendly faces triggers violence and disrespect in student.

Overcome fear of Public speaking

The same application student use in overcoming fear of public speaking can also be used to make happy classroom for students.

Introduce storytelling

Student can easily get irritated by subjects that has no natural feelings attached. Storytelling can enhance effective teaching, making a happy classroom for students.

Introduce Picture Teaching

Image or picture are better approach to imaginary teaching. It explains better and gives a sense of life in students.

Come with a smiley face

No matter what your experience maybe, or what challenges you face from home before starting your work. It is best to learn to put your problems aside and always, I mean always come into the class with a smiley face.

Ask for student opinion 

Show your student that no one is an highland of knowledge, even if you know it all, encourage your students by asking for their opinion. It makes them feel more important.

Use weak student as good example

It is not best to disclose this to student, it should be known to you alone. You are only using this kids as a point of contact just to motivate them. You sight the weak student and then use them as a good example. Give them hope of a better future, doing this will help make a happy classroom.

Treat each student accordingly

Every student has a different method to approach if you want to make the best out of them. You do not treat everyone randomly because they are students. You  need to know each and everyone and treat them accordingly. Treat who is to be treated fair, fairly. Treat those who need to be treated kindly accordingly.

Act like your student know better

Even if they aren’t getting it right, give them words of encouragement by acting like they are doing better. Correct them politely. They will treat you with optimal respect.

Happy classroom vibe on vibes

Real vibes make a happy classroom for students. When students can easily flow with you they get the vibes. That feeling they want you in class even when they have other subjects to take is what makes a happy classroom for students.

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