How To Be Happy: 9 Habits To Make You Happier

Happiness is free but sometimes it costs alot to be happy and as well get that true happiness we desire.

If you have in anyways met anyone who is always happy everyday of their life, take them as a special being. Because continuous happiness without interruption is a blessing.

All you need to be HAPPY is to cultivate the habits of a happy person.

Do you know that happy people tend to live longer in life, and a person who always shows up with a smiley face always looks younger than their age?

Well this is true, the best way to confirm how true is by giving in a try by staying happy always.

There is no one who does not want to be happy, nor do evil doers want to be sad despite their evil actions.

So, it is so glaring that everyone wants to be happy one way or the other. Why this? Because happiness is the essence of life.

If the essence of man’s existence is happiness, how then do you become happy?

Before we dive into how to be happy, it is important to understand that total happiness for a lifetime isn’t certain but can be achieved, so I will buttress below.

The World Is No Perfect Place

However, since the world isn’t made of absolute perfection from a human perspective. It is then inaccurate to say total happiness can be achieved all days of a person’s life.

Even if you practise and devote yourself to be happy, life obstacles won’t make it work. As every man has their own priorities which alone can spoil other people’s happiness. As you know ‘A man’s food is another man’s poison’.

What makes a person happy can be a contact of sadness to another person and vice versa. I will say that life is not balanced.

But does that mean a person can not be happy? The truth remains every man can be happy if he knows how to be happy.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are in a crude and corrupt world where men are brutal, selfish and never content, a world where men try to find happiness for themselves while tampering with other people’s joy.

We can not all run away from this but rather, we are left to face our own struggles. However, being curious to know how to be happy is a possibility if you can do the following.

Daily Habits On How To Be Happy

1. Stay happier: To be happy is to be determined to stay happier. This works with your mindset, how strong and positive you are will carry you a long way to be happy. Your mindset is the great tool to be happy if you know how to use it correctly.

2. Knowing sadness is inevitable: Bitter truth that many fail to accept is that sadness can’t be avoided. If you avoid it, it won’t avoid you. To be happy is to keep your mind prepared, alert and aware, instead of taking you in surprise or shock. Knowing sadness is inevitable is knowing peace of mind.

3. Make other people happy: There is a long living logical method to stay happy which few people pay attention to. To be happy is to make other people happy, it is simply by deriving happiness in other people’s joy. How do you do this? You sacrifice your time and lay low your ego and pride, this will make people easily get along with you. Make other people happy by helping, and showing love and compassion to others while a return love awaits you.

4. Become a fatalist: you must have heard some people say the word ‘que sera sera’? it means what will be will be. It is a fatalist thought belief system, leaving everything to fate or chance. To be happy, you need to accept the fact that whatever will be will be. This prepares your mind ahead of what is to come. Most people feel bad or become depressed because most things come unexpected or unprepared for. When your mind is prepared ahead of anything that is to come, good or bad it will not be that worrisome to you.

5. Tolerate people: The only reason why many people aren’t happy is because they have been deprived from what they feel is theirs. While some people get to hurt others due to their character, behaviour or attitude or perhaps in terms of inequality in class, race and size. Having that mind of tolerance by tolerating people’s way of life is a good way to be happy. Accepting who they are for what they are.

6. Never take life seriously: There is nothing so special in the world that actually worth holding so long for. Reason why many of us are not happy is because we take life too seriously. Many people hold on to life like they have the key to life and death, like they will never die, like what they are fortunate to have was actually for them or their inheritance but that is not the case, the bitter truth is that we own nothing of this world, free it is giving free it will be taking from us, so why take life serious and let the vanity of the world make you unhappy.

Live life like no tomorrow and be happy.

7. Think good about others: No matter what good you do, not everyone will be happy to see you do so. Still, you have to think good about others to be joyful. It helps in two ways, it makes you a better person and could give your enemy a change of heart to do good.

8. Never expect a return of your good heart: Holding up to the good you done to others, or hoping for return favour will only but end in disappointment. Happy people do things out of payback, instead, they do things out of free will. If you wait for a return favour you are very likely to be disappointed despite the good you have done. Why not do good and move on? It makes you happier.

9. Accept failure: One thing about humans is that we hate failure. We find all means to avoid failure which is something that is inevitable. The main reason why every man is in the race of life is to succeed at what we do, however the hard truth remains success has its time and limit for every man. This is why you need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Name the best you know who hasn’t failed at some point in life, I bet there is none. You need to accept failure is inevitable to be happy.

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