How Student Overcome Peer Pressure In College

There are times the battles we feel greater are of less priority to the ones we never thought of. Among other students’ struggles to overcome, student fear of peer pressure is a challenge that may jeopardise a student’s career in or out of ignorance.

Failure to overcome peer pressure as a student, is a complete disaster to success.

Meaning Of Peer Pressure 

Peer pressure simply means continuous persuasion from friends, mates or colleagues to succumb to their own terms through oppression.

If you have once been humiliated, you will understand what it means to be oppressed by some mates who continually mount pressure on you, just for you to follow their steps or succumb to their will.

The inability to live a life of your choice is nothing but slavery. It is always frustrating and can quickly lead to depression if you fail to overcome fear of peer pressure as a student.

Preparing Ahead Of Pressure

If you are being guided by your parents in high school, secondary school do not expect the same in college or university because they won’t be there to protect you as such.

There is a limit to guidance as you grow. That protection or maximum security you get from your parents or guidance will depreciate or reduce as time goes by. 

It will get to a point that you will be left to yourself and all you will see is nothing but yourself. This should make you have a second thought that you need to find or build a sense of protection or security for yourself to deal with pressure from student.

How To Overcome Peer Pressure As Students

1. Overcome public speaking: Being an outspoken person can go a long way for students to overcome peer pressure. You can read more on how you can overcome fear of public speaking as a student.

2. Stop Feeling Inferior: Your colleagues who try to pressurize you, do so by observing you closely. They get to know your weakness and take advantage of it and then use your weakness against you. All they want is nothing but how you can lose your confidence which will automatically make you feel inferior. 

3. Develop some extrovert traits: It is very easy to mount pressure on an introvert because they know an introvert does not like being in public, social lifestyles or mingling with other people. An introvert also finds it hard to share problems with other people.

This is a big weakness and a hotspot to get into you. To overcome peer pressure you need some extrovert traits listed by indeed. By doing the opposite of that which I have listed as a weakness, such as being social and all.

4. Take action: Being silent is good but when it comes to overcoming peer pressure as a student, action is needed rather than silence. Let your NO be known and say it like you mean it, act like you want it.

5. Don’t look easy: A strong but natural face discharges people from pressurizing you. It does not mean you should start smoking, drinking or taking hard drugs because you want to deal with peer pressure. Looking uneasy will help overcome peer pressure.

6. Authoritative: Less authoritative people are chances and being controlled by others. Be yourself and be confident about your action or any decision you make can overcome peer pressure.

7. Persevere: Temptation and continuous attempt to persuade you to do something that you don’t want to do is a way to pressurize. Perseverance is the only way out to overcome peer pressure.

8. Find protection: This does not mean going out to join some gangs or cultists groups for protection. You can find natural ways to protect yourself. Start by knowing more influential people, know the head of your department, professors and rector or vice chancellors of your school. This will give you protection in order to overcome peer pressure.

9. Follow the right friends: Most students who face peer pressure fail at the inception when starting college or university. They fail to follow the right set of people. 

10. Don’t be sluggish: Being sluggish is a sign and a way to attract peer pressure. These people are not looking for strong fellers. They are looking for the weak, being sluggish won’t help.

11. Fend for yourself: Many students can not pay their own bill’s no matter how small it is. This shows how dependent they are. Students will keep mounting pressure on you if they see you are mummy or daddy’s pet.

12. Be relevant: Make sure you show up often in almost every activity in school. Even if you can do most of them, try and miggle like you can. This will give people better impressions about you rather than showing weakness.

13. Express yourself: just like being outspoken, self expression with authoritative words give people the impression that you will be hard to get. Do well to express yourself to overcome peer pressure so as to gain more ground.

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