8 Ways To Win Over Your Fear In Life

You wish to make an impact or take a bold step forward but you feel you can’t win over your fear? 

Then consider this,

Many times you have tried but failed, how many more tries do you think you need to make a change.

Your fears might have made you fail several times. Fear may have cost you a lot of damages beyond repair and right now you fear not being beaten again by that same demon which is called fear.

Now is the right time to step up and against that fear you struggle about. 

There are basic things you need to keep in mind if you really and truly want to win over your fears.

Or, are you thinking you still can’t beat your fears? That it won’t be easy to win over your fear is normal thought, it is a sign of a good step and because you have made several attempts in the past but didn’t work doesn’t mean you should give in.

To win over your fears does not require many of the things you are told it requires and that is why it does not work. It only requires dealing with the necessary  tasks and ignoring others things.

Conquer the master and the servant are yours. Focusing on the slave will not get you close to victory.

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Sometimes pulling a tree down by starting to cut from its branches is good, but better when you uproot from the root.  

You need to beat the major problems then the rest comes as a win win.

Trick To Win Over Your Fears 

Keep in mind that attempting to win over your fear is something more or less a 50 to 50 percent chance and sometimes you need to have a positive mindset above average, which means a 60 to 40 percent chance will do the trick.

Thinking of 100 percent of winning your fear is just a childs gamble as fears are more of emotional struggles rather than physical battles. 

Mind you, emotions transcend into the physical if failed to conquer.

Just like the saying ‘If you want to control the physical you should also know how to control the spiritual because the spiritual controls the physical.

The same applies to conquering your fear, as fear is an emotional feeling of the mind which can break you down physically and still hunt you in the emotional realm.

Fears are so manipulating that it makes people feel worthless of themselves, powerless, useless and at the end, make a person a loser.

Fear takes away pride and gives in return something worthless but seems reasonable as an excuse why you should not take action.

Fear does not want you to win because it fear if you conquer, it renders useless. So instead it makes you lose so you can feel useless while it takes the glory.

How to overcome and win over your fear

Overcoming your fear should be a win win chances, don’t leave any room for failure, while acting like you have nothing to lose should play some tricks to win over your fear.

1. Act like you have nothing to lose: I have tried it most times and it works. Just that taking that bold step is the most difficult decision to make when it comes to overcoming fear.  Acting like you have nothing to lose will make it easy to overcome your fear.

2. Play stupid: People who act out of ignorance are most likely to succeed because they aren’t bothered about what is ahead of them especially if you are ‘choleric’. Win over your fear by playing stupid and acting out of ignorance.

3. Focus on result: Most people who are overwhelmed with fear are already lost even before starting up. You need to focus on the positive result and nothing more if you want to win over your fear.

4. Take the first step: The first step is the most challenging thing to do. Only a few people know that the first step of an action defines the end result. 

Nothing gets done if not started.

5. Ignore the public noise: You can not win over your fear if you listen to every single person’s voice that speaks to you. People’s words are like market noise which distract you from accomplishing your aim. 

6. Break your limit: Breaking your limit will do the trick. If you succeed at something, go twice as far; if you fail, try twice as hard if you want to win your fear.

7. Act like you are the most talented in your field: This simply means putting your all, your best in that which you believe in. Though you may think you are not the most talented to get it done but what if you are but fail to bring the real potential out in you just because of fear.

8. Find motivation in related people: Read other people’s stories, learn to read books, know about other people’s stories, perhaps you will find the right motivation. 

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