How To Behave Mature And Responsible

Your behaviour plays a vital role in the society and personal life, it also determines the kind of people who get attracted to you. Acting silly without knowing when to behave mature and responsible is simply the easiest way to embarrass oneself.


Acting mature can make a person avoid embarrassment and can also help rate you above others by personality.

Note that age is not maturity, being older doesn’t mean maturity neither do being younger does make a person immature. It all depends on how you choose to define your personality.

Acting mature is acting above age, it is a sign that shows you want to improve in some certain things or make people see you differently by giving you a due respect, most especially your personality.

How To Present Yourself In A More Matured Way

Self presentation does so well in acting mature, like the saying goes ‘the way you are dressed shows how you will be addressed’. When you present yourself well, you get value in return for putting yourself in the right shape.

Choosing to behave mature and responsible is a great leap to take, a way of making people respect and seeing you as a completely different person and more of a leader. Here is how to behave maturely.

How To Behave Mature And Responsible

1. Don’t run from responsibilities: Since life is a training ground that we all can not avoid faults, the same way you should not run away from responsibilities when it comes.

Doing so makes people see you differently and respect you for taking the challenge upon yourself when others blame other people for their own failure or run away from their responsibilities.

2. Exercise Patience: This plays a very vital role in terms of being mature. Patience is a priceless virtue everyone ought to have but most people who need it the most are too lazy to overcome being impatient. Many people have lost valuable things just because they could not wait just a little longer. Though it is hard to behave maturely, it is to learn to be patient to the end of every situation.

3. Be a good thinker: You can not behave maturely if you can not think right. Judging people’s actions wrongly diminishes respect and human value, people will not be willing to come to you when issues arise later.

4. Have listening ears: Psychologically, silence is a power, and being quiet makes a person a good listener rather than a talkative. Silence can kill without physical combat nor altering a word. In terms of issues, there are times you don’t have to speak but rather walk away, this shows a mature behaviour which people appreciate a lot.

5. Have a second thought: Don’t jump into conclusions, but rather weigh issues sensitively before conclusion. Having a second thought makes a person behave maturely.

6. Don’t preach what you can’t do: Words are easier said than done. If you want to keep a good reputation you have to understand that keeping to your words is better. Let people see what you preach in you.

7. Be independent: If you are still waiting on people to get you stuff that you can work hard to get for yourself, then you are not showing a sign of responsibility. To behave maturely is to be independent. Start doing things for yourself and not waiting for people.

If no one feeds you, then you owe no one an explanation for your actions.

8. Build self confidence: There are times when challenges will make you weak, frightened and frustrated. You need to build self confidence to behave maturely in tackling every issue.

9. Practice self control: Reacting to everything is not a mature behavior. Learn to practice self control by ignoring some certain things no matter how it hurts or is mind troubling.

10. Have values: In the world we are today, maturity has gone far beyond addressing issues or age, it is more of values combined with having you handle things swiftly. If you do not have value you can not behave mature and responsible. Learn to have some worth.

11. Contribute to events: Anyone who wants to behave mature and responsible do not need to be told before contributing to things, it is not always about money, might be just words of encouragement or willingly support or reach out to people in need.

12. Respect others: No matter the level in class, race, age or achievement. Learn to respect others who are below or above you. Respect is reciprocal, you will surely take what you give back, sometimes in many folds.

13. Let your mistakes teach you: Anyone who can not learn from their mistakes can never behave maturely. How can you teach if you do not learn. Every mistake in life is a blessing in disguise, use them to your advantage to behave maturely.

14. Listen to correction: Correcting people on the right thing is a way to act maturely.  Anyone who wants to correct others will have to listen to correction, which is a way to act mature.

15. Encourage others: Don’t criticize people because they make mistakes or for their wrong doings. A mature person needs to understand that no one is perfect, we are all bound to make mistakes.

16. Love your enemies: The greatest thing in the world is love. Love for your fellow being is crucial. Love for your enemy is not foolishness but a way to act maturely. 


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