10 Effect Of Student Fear Of Public Speaking

The effect of fear of public speaking is has great deal on both student academic and social lifestyle.

The inability to overcome public fear as a student can hold so much of negative threats to success, just like the fear of failure makes you think you are a failure without even starting up a task.

Effect of fear of public speaking
has condemned many students and also deprive them of their right.

Fear of public speaking is one of students’ worst enemies to public awareness, many students with great potential feel shy, inferior, frightened to speak in front of a large audience.

This has drastically diminished the numbers of great people who have something good to offer to the public. The fear of public speaking has killed students who have the ability to change things for better.

It is so annoying that most people who can speak publicly are mostly dump and dead brains, while just a few of this public speaking has something reasonable to offer, many of them are just in to impress and show off their ability of speaking but incapable of social performance.

In some ways, public speaking in college has much to do proving to the audience how well you can perform and by outshining others who compete with you.

Many great students have a good prospect and passion for leadership but they could not take the mantle simply because they fear to speak in public.

Plato On Public Speaking

Here is what Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of all time said about the effect of public speaking on public affairs, governing and politics.

  • If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, the you are doomed to live under the rulers of fools.
  • One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
  • The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

Actually, these quotes by Plato speak more of politics and governing, at the same time they focus on the effects of fear of public speaking.

Public speaking can detain you from expression, make you a slave to yourself, at the same time being under the shadow of people who are not competent enough. Aside from this effect of public speaking listed by Plato, here are other major effects of fear of public speaking.

You can clearly see that the effect of fear of public speaking has so much to do with private, social, and political affairs.

If you want to have a right, make your mark, have a stand, be personal and also be well respected then, you really have to overcome fear of public speaking.

Effect Of Fear Of Public Speaking

  1. Stunning growth: Students who fear speaking in public will have difficulties in asking and answering questions in class. They find it difficult to to stand up to the crowd. This isn’t something good, as it makes students keep to themselves and might at the end fail.

2. Hide your real person: Look around you, there are good people with good personality you do not know, colleges who can really help in building a better future but the bad news is that these people fear to speak publicly. With this effect of fear of speaking in public, their real person can’t be revealed.

3. Affect public awareness: If you want to be known, you have to cultivate the act of public speaking. It does not mean you should speak at the heart of the public, it only means you should be able to speak to some few persons at a time.

4. Effect on relationship: A shy person who fears embarrassment will find it hard to get that desired person. How do you speak to someone you love in a public bus? No way, students who fear speaking in public will rather keep quiet and let it slide.

5. Lack of expression: The effect of fear of public speaking makes you lack expression. Though, it is agreed that action speaks louder than voice, but still, after you might have taken an action, you still have to speak. You can not express yourself if you can not speak in public.

6. Detachment: Detaching yourself from people is an effect of fear of public speaking. The number of friends reduces not because you are not a good person but because you aren’t open enough. Feeling of lack of confidence set in and at the same time makes you feel if you detach yourself from people you will live better. But that is not true, that fear is only playing games on you.

7. Right connection: Ask anyone who does not speak in public if they easily connect with the right people. It is hard to make connections if you can not speak publicly, people can not really get to know you. Public speaking is like branding yourself.

8. Make you a slave: Hum, I hate to say this, the effect of fear of public speaking goes as far as making students a slave to themselves. You feel keeping to yourself is better, but that is not true, the truth is that you know the truth but you are scared to come out of that shackles.

9, Never open opportunities: The fear of public speaking will never open opportunities. Since you can not connect with the people, it means it will be very difficult for opportunities to open. You may see some opportunities flying around but may not be able to get them, the better ones are well hidden in the heart of the public.

10. Becomes a minority: If you want to be a major figure in school, then you have to learn to overcome your fears of speaking in public, as the effect of fear of public speaking makes you a minority.

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