9 Simple Ways To Get To Know Yourself

If you have tried but failed to achieve that exact thing they dream of, it is not because you aren’t working so hard or serious with their life, perhaps you are missing just one thing, you simply do not understand how to get to know yourself well enough.

If you want to achieve any thing in life, take your  time toget to know yourself.


Have you been struggling with life, do you hope things should have been in place or wish your success shouldn’t stay this long before you get to you?

Knowing who you are is a great advantage, especially when you understand yourself better than people know you. A false approach is attempting to become a better person while failing to understand who you are.

The thing is, if you fail to get to know yourself, how do you expect people to understand you. Getting to understand your kind of person increases the chance of success, even in the toughest times.

Do You Know Some Major Things About Yourself?

It is easier to connect with people if you can first connect with yourself. How do you connect? It is simply by knowing yourself better than anyone else.

If you get to know yourself, people of your kind, or people whom you have dreamed of will surely come by with time, though it takes a lot of patience, consistency and hard work and hard work

Do you know when you are about to fail sick, Do you have an exact time you wake up from bed, Do you know when you are about to get angry, Do you know how how to control your temperament, Do you understand exactly where you should be in few years time, Do you have goals, Do you have a personality?

These are the things people picture in you when they see you around. So, if you get to know all these things about yourself, it will be easier for people to get to understand you.

Knowing Who You Are

Many people have lost opportunities just because they do not know who they are.

There are others who keep struggling with their lives, hoping for change but do not find any, this isn’t because they aren’t hard working or serious with their lives but simply because they do not get to understand themselves.

Having A Direction

Many people do not even have direction about their lives, they are only following the market noise, when I mean noise of the market, I mean following trends. Their lives are fixed on other people’s achievement, whereas they keep struggling with theirs and can not even dictate for themselves.

These people who do not get to know themselves rely strongly on other people’s progress. Getting to know about yourself will help when aiming for progress.

I have in many cases seen people who took pride and time to study other peoples lifestyle, they talk about celebrities and influential people home and abroad, they even understand about when these people take their baths, eat lunch and even when they poop, but guess what! They do not know a thing about themselves.

What the ache is that? Why should you spend such precious time on people who do not know you from Adam?

These people you care so much to know do not care to understand about you, they don’t even know if you exist, but you are there monitoring them like spirits.

Knowing other people with ignorance of getting to know yourself is like sowing where you can not reap. These people are alright and doing great, what about you?

Well this isn’t for you who do not spend time on these things, I am referring to people who do.

Not knowing yourself and expecting good return or success is like catching shadows, or trying to get to a door in complete darkness.

You make yourself a slave to others; this you may not really pay attention to, but with time you will start to realize that ‘good life is for people who take the time to get to know about themselves’.


How To Get To Know Yourself

  1. Be yourself: Get to know yourself by being yourself, don’t fake a thing, live life as it comes, understand every bit of the struggles and how you manage to overcome each of them.

2. Don’t follow peoples footstep: To get to know yourself requires you to focus on being who you have to be rather than longing to be like others. You can emulate someone’s behaviour but can’t be exactly like someone, you can only share part of their traits. For people who really want to grow, having in mind or hoping to be like someone is a wrong move.

3. Lay low: Get to know yourself by bringing yourself down below standard. Overcome your pride, you may not know you have one. Pride will never let you get to know about yourself because you will always feel you have known enough.

4. Listen to corrections: let say you are on a ladder trying to get to the top of the hill, you are there with some others who are far behind you. It is those people behind you that see your errors and mistakes clearly.

5. Serve others: If you want to get to know yourself, you need to serve other people. There are great values in serving others, you should always take this to your advantage. By serving others, you will learn a lot about life, it will be easier to gather experience from challenges you face, this will in turn mold you to know yourself better.

6. Self examination: Have you defined your purpose in life? So many people ignorantly live with no purpose. Living without purpose is like having your leg and not knowing what to do with it, it’s odd right? Everybody should know what their legs are meant for but not in all cases. Some people believe their legs are for standing, some for working, some believe it for dancing, some others for running. So your purpose in life is to understand why you exist in this world. You will get to know yourself if you know why you exist.

7. Find your passion: What you find passion doing is the real deal. Your passion is a simple path that links you to getting to know yourself. The moment you find your true passion; meaning what you love doing most, the closer you are to knowing more about yourself.

Your passion simply opens your eye, it gives you a better experience on how to go about life. You will be able to easily see things in a different way while at the same time make a life out of it.

8. Know you niche: I do not know much about niche after so many years in business, not until recent years I discovered that the reason why people do not succeed at what they do is because they do not know what category of people they fall to, in terms of niche.

The frank truth is that every successful person has one particular thing they focus on and develop themselves in that direction. It might be something you have passion for, stick to it. It might be other things you love doing, keep doing that particular thing and never deviate until you succeed.

As they say, ‘Jack of all trades is the master of none, thought better of someone who does nothing. Deviating from your course isn’t ideal if you truly want to get to know yourself.

9. Strength and weakness examination: Put yourself to a task, examine your strengths and weakness. Like constantly have a daily routine, score your level of endurance, perseverance, tolerance, if you are worried about something, start your day with good vibes and many more. This will easily make you understand your kind of person and know yourself better.


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