9 Reason People Give In To Negative Peer Pressure Easily

To resist peer pressure isn’t an easy task. The society is corrupt and self will is diminishing. This makes it easy for people to give in to negative peer pressure even when they don’t want to.

The society is gradually taken away people's will in making decision, creating an easy access to give in to peer pressure.


How Society Promote Peer Pressure

The society we live in today does much in dictating life rather than utilizing our freewell. Human rights are under dictatorship.

People find it hard to do exactly what they want but instead, lost in the cloud, blown in every direction  that one could not confidently authoritatively do what he wants.

Many have gone astray due to bad influencers, while some others are forced to make the wrong choices as they see no better option.

There are some others who aren’t influenced at all, nor are they forced to make wrong decisions. They willingly feel doing the opposite of something good makes them better, which makes them give in to negative peer pressure easily.

The last category of people I mentioned has a strong will power, a negative mindset to do many evil things, in fact these people are the main manipulators that pushes others to give in to negative peer pressure.

Some of them oppress the weak to join the bad boys, others gradually influence people just by making friends.

You see, one thing can make you and destroy you at the same time, that which is called ‘friendship’. Your choice of friends has so much to do with what you end up your life with.

Friendship is just like an investment in one side of life, the better friends you grow with the better your life becomes, the wrong friends the worse you get.

This is why I consider and advise to know how to choose your friends wisely. That friend of yours may be your lifesaver from getting into negative peer pressure, sometimes a little talk from a reasonable friend can do, perhaps  things may have gone worse, these friends are still the hook you need to hang on too.

Here is why people give in to negative peer pressure that you need to know.

1. Parental Insecurity: A child will easily fall victim by giving in to negative peer pressure if such child does not feel well protected at home. Protection does not mean being strict on a child. In fact being too strict makes a child give in to negative peer pressure because they feel no comfort around their loved ones.

2. Low self esteem: A person with low self esteem is vulnerable to give in to negative peer pressure due to lack of confidence. Low self esteem is easily seen as a weakness for peers who are to mount pressure.

Remember a  host knows how, where and when to feast on it prey, to stop this from happening is to simply build low self esteem which increases confidence.

3. Social fear: among other reasons why people give in to negative peer pressure is social fear. Social fear is the inability to control, dominate, decide for oneself in a society. This affects people who are not financially buoyant, anti-social people or introverts.

4. Low moral training: A child who is not morally well trained from home will easily give in to peer pressure. This is not the matter of being a devoted religionist, No, it’s more of self discipline.

5. Lack of exposure: Many who fall for negative peer pressure fail to get no exposure or experience little, which is not sustainable to hold negative pressure from mates. 

6. Intimidation: Being around peers who are highly classed, richer or influenced than you can intimidate you and easily or forcefully make you a product of negativity. Intimidation is worse for the poor to handle, many people can not resist it for too long before giving in to peer pressure.

7. Inferiority complex: Seeing yourself too low to other people will make you give in to pressure. When people feel inferior to others, it takes grace to get back to their feet because they see themselves more like a slave or servant to others. The people who feel superior take massive advantage of them, leaving them with no choice than to give.

8. Non Resistance to temptation: Our level at which we can hold on to pressure are quite different. Some people can not hold on to temptation for love before they give in to peer pressure.

9. Feel among: trying to be like others: Most of the reasons why people give in to peer pressure seem to be external factors but there is one or two internal or self factors which one of them is ‘Feeling among’.

Some people give in to peer pressure not because they are influenced wrongly or forcefully but because they like that lifestyle which those people live, they then carry themselves willingly to join the caucus.


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