15 Strategy To Overcome Student Fear In The Classroom

Overcome Student Fear In the Classroom

Students think of how to overcome fear in the classroom right from the moment they hear school resumption date, that lecture or class is about to start, the fear of didaskaleinophobia set in. Didaskaleinophobia means fear of going to school.

This is a phobia many students can not escape, you have to go to school, and the moment you step your foot at the entrance of that school gate, tension sets in. Overcoming fear in the classroom is a major student struggle.

Overcome student fear in the classroom and avoid Didaskaleinophobia , the fear of going to school.

Every student faces this fear, right from kiddagatin, to middle school, to college and university. Every student finds the fear in the classroom a challenge.

The reasons why most students fear in the classroom are numerous but I will try to point out the major common fears.

Perhaps I might have missed some of them. If you have other fears in the classroom not listed below, you can state it in the comment below, so we can learn from your fears.

Every student is faced with one fear or the other, the tension in class is always so severe, terrifying and frightening that in the end, students with this fear struggle to excel or perform better in class.

Major Cause Of Fear In The Classroom

Fear of authority – Fear of Student – Fear of Crowd – Fear of Noise – Fear of Exam – Fear of Intimidation – Fear of Humiliation – Fear of Answering Questions – Fear of Learning new things – Fear of Public speaking – Fear of failure – Fear of corrupt mind.

One problem is that your fears will overwhelm you and continue to treat you as a slave if you give in to it, but can we really blame ourselves?

Pointing out the cause or reason for this fear is a great way to start overcoming this fear.

  • Recognize your fears: There should be a reason why you have phobia in the class, you must recognize it to overcome fears in the classroom. However there are causes I stated above, if yours isn’t included, you can state it below. Identifying the reason or cause of your fears is one step ahead of overcoming your fear in the classroom.
  • Make up your mind to face your fears: After you might have identified your fears, it is time to take courage to overcome your fear in the classroom. If you can not make up your mind to face your fears, then it is impossible to come close to overcoming classroom fear.
  • Be strategic: Fighting your classroom fears without a strategy will never turn successful. You must have a plan on how to go about it. Below are some tricks to overcome fear in the classroom.

Strategy To Overcome Student Fear In The Classroom

  1. Choose your friends wisely: Friends are powerful tools to successfully overcome fears in the classroom, when you have the right set of friends that share things in common with you, it will be easier to overcome classroom fear, take time to choose your friends wisely, don’t rush.

2. Be motivated: It might take time to make the right friends, so you need something to keep you going which is motivation. Here are some motivational quotes for students in hard times. This can be a motivation guide to overcome fear you face in class.

3. Be Lively: This is a trick that works to successfully overcome fear in the classroom. Students and teachers love lively students, you immediately create your stand and people will respect your personality.

4. Make friends with teachers: Be lively or not, make sure you have at least one teacher as friend or a pal. That teacher will always be there for you at the time of difficulties.

5.Failure of exam is a trial: Not a criteria for success, it is just a trial. Many students, teachers and parents believe failing an exam makes a person a loser, that is not totally true. A student who fails woefully today can be the best student tomorrow. Failing an exam is just a trial. Have this in mind and overcome your fears in the classroom. You can easily overcome fear of failure if you follow the steps accordingly.

6. Do your thing: Ignore peoples words, good or bad, just do you thing. To overcome fear in the classroom you need to ignore people’s words, just do your thing and constantly improve yourself. Words are powerful and can easily pull you down if you pay too much attention to the negative ones.

7. Overcome peer pressure: Students priorities are set around class and hierarchy. Some students will seize opportunities from being a senior as a means to overpower other students. Many students believe in this method to oppress and pressurize other students, most especially students they can easily find their weaknesses. Students who can not stand for themselves are the most victim of these circumstances. I shall discuss how to overcome student fear of peer pressure in one of the write ups soon.

8. Avoid being bullied: Students who can not deal with peer pressure will be more frustrated to avoid being bullied by other students. Make sure you stand your ground at all times, remember you, you are the same student as others, so act accordingly.

9. Overcome fear of public speaking: Public speaking is a major cause of student fear in the classroom. You need to overcome fear in the classroom by overcoming fear of speaking in public.

10. No one owns you: This mindset alone can make students overcome fear in the classroom. This is a natural way to build confidence in yourself. You aren’t a slave to anyone nor do anyone own you. Prove this to everyone, students and your teachers and know peace. Smiles..

11. Build confidence: Another alternative to overcome your fear of the classroom as a student is by building confidence in yourself. To build confidence in yourself requires you to understand that you are more superior, powerful than others, even when you know you are not, just believe you are and you will.

12. Don’t fear your teachers: Your teachers are human and so you are. The fear teachers instils in students is a way to bring them into total submission and control. Indirectly they make you their inferior, most especially wicked and terrible teachers. You need to always remember that no one owns you, not even your teacher.

13. Be valuable: Don’t be a bench warmer, don’t let your colleagues see you as a dullard, don’t let your teachers or colleagues see you as a dumb headed student. Prove your worth by creating values, improve yourself and study hard. Be innovative, creative, be a fast learner and thinker. You will understand what love is and why you need to be loved rather than struggling with fear.

14. Don’t be independent: Being independent speaks louder than words, it is a sign of being responsible because you take your problems into account, not blaming anyone for your fault, mistakes or error. To carry this weight, you need to be prepared and act smartly.

15. Find your kind of person: You will surely get to meet a large number of people in your classroom. Try as much as possible to find peers who do and act alike. Mingle with this student as early as you can will overcome fear in the classroom.

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