12 Approach To Overcome Student Fear Of Exam

The right approach to overcome fear of exam is one of the greatest challenges for every student. Failure to overcome pressure anxiety give will never leave students without it causing damage.

12 things will help student overcome fear of exam. First, is to prepare ahead of time, it helps overcome anxiety.

Don’t be surprised to know that even the guru you know to be one of the best students is also struggling to overcome fear of exams.

What Fear Of Exam Mean

There is no other reason students go to school if not to successfully come out with a good grade. To Make this a success, students need to pass through a certain mental fear which is examinophobia, meaning the fear of exams.

Fear of exams is a general and most common student fear as a result of fear of failure or fear of success. Both fears are phobias that students cannot escape. 

At least the reason why we are in school is to gain knowledge, which is the amount of knowledge gained will be tested by exams to know student level and capability in handling that discipline they have put into practise or being taught.

Student Struggles And Fears

If you ask me if school is fun and a place I love to be even after years of graduating, I will certainly say yes. But on the other hand, I will have to confess that school is fun without exams.

No matter how fun schooling is, the little duration for examination exercise is one of the worst moments and the greatest test of all time for students. Even for the gurus and the brilliant ones, fear of exams is inevitable.

How To Overcome Student Fear Of Exam

So, if the mighty gurus can fall for the fear of exam, how do you overcome fear of exam. Here are ways to overcome your struggles.

1. Prepare ahead of time: Making plans before an exam can help overcome fear of exams. Many students fail to prepare ahead of time, such as reading and revising the previous past questions and other things taught in class immediately.

Due to occurrence in activities, and worse of all, procrastination. Many students struggle to overcome the fear of procrastination, leaving them to be more terrified when the exam is so close. If you want to get over the fear of exams, you need to learn to beat the time.

2. Stay positive minded: Students tend to fail woefully not because they do not put effort into reading, or because they are lazy but simply because they aren’t positive about the outcome of their effort.

The conclusion of the impossibility of success without making an attempt equals failure.

You need to be positive minded to overcome fear of exams. Think of anything else than success.

3. Overcome anxiety: This alone increases fear pressure on its own. It increases the rate of fear which amounts to total disaster. Anxiety will never help when it comes to exams, it only makes you more anxious which does not help overcome fear of exams.

4. Fear regret instead: Students who fear not to fail exam, think failure of exam is the most feared student fears but little did they know that there is more to fear than failure. Regrets are what students should overcome instead of fear of exams.

Failure with regrets means you didn’t try at all, failure without regrets means you tried to make something positive happen but didn’t work as planned. Understand the difference and know peace.

5. Free your mind: A free mind is an open source for happiness, a mind that is always happy have no worries, even if it worries, the happiness will always override. Free minded people care less about failure, they are only concerned for a short period of time. Happy minded people are always and always positive at all times.

6. Stop being afraid of failure: Just as acholor override people’s will, so has being afraid of failure deprive people of success. Learn to overcome fear of failure If you want to overcome fear of exam.

7. Good friends will help: There is no doubt about this, good friends are the most helpful tool to overcome fear of exams, if you know how to utilize them wisely.

The kind of friends you mingle with has a lot to do with how your life is structured.

Move with friends that can help you succeed academically, not friends who are after their own interest alone rather than both.

8. Know why you are in school: Actually many students do not know why they are in school, many fail to understand the purpose of why they are studying. Students can not overcome fear of exams if they choose fun, clubs and social activities over the core academics.

9. Understand exam duration: In most cases, exams in schools are most likely to commence after 3month of lectures. It is up to students who want to overcome fear of exams to start reading head to head of each lecture for the period of three months. Taking this into consideration and practices without fail will help overcome exam fear.

10. Do a deeper research: Don’t just stick to what you are taught in class, do further research at your leisure time to get a better understanding of what that course is all about. Holding on to what the lecturer teaches isn’t enough to get the exam done confidently. You need to do a deeper research on that topic to overcome fear of exams.

11. Ask for help: At times, it is difficult to help ourselves, most especially students who struggle with fear. Taking every responsibility by yourself may not be the best way to overcome your fears, you need people around to cheer you up and encourage you, maybe you can find some guidelines or comfort.

12. Have fun: Taking everything seriously is just one way to put yourself into trouble and mount unnecessary pressure on yourself. Taking exams too seriously will never help calm down fear of exams, it will only let you get intense pressure and fear. Having fun with friends at least for sometime will make you relaxed and also help overcome fear of exams.

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