Thanksgiving 2021 | When To Give Thanks

What Is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2020 is gone and thanksgiving 2021 is near, as we prepare to celebrate to thank God for how grateful we are for life and our achievement during the hard and easy time in life.


When the whole house is crowded with our loved ones, the smell and yummy aroma of fried chicken everywhere and bowls of rice flying around, it means one of these two very things, either a thanksgiving or celebration.

Everyday is thanksgiving. Any offical  day set for Thanksgiving is  celebration.

We aren’t thanking God because we want others to feel intimidated or humiliated but we are being thankful for grace, mercy and being fortunate to be among the living to give thanks in 2021.

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As you do so in this joyful moment, you should have it in the back of your mind that all you could acquire during this time isn’t by how hard you have worked things out or how smart you are but just by grace.


When Is Thanksgiving 2021

If you would ask when exactly is Thanksgiving Day 2021? The actual date for thanksgiving varies from countries, religions, public and individual self. Let’s take for example.

Thanksgiving 2021 in the USA is on Thursday, 25 November. Thanksgiving 2021 in Canada is on Monday, 11 October.

Canada proclaims Thanksgiving Day in October as it is associated as a day to remember from Martin frobisher’s successful crossing of the Northwest passage to victories during the World War, whereas the emphasis in the U.S is on pilgrim and mayflower. Theculturetrip

Aside from this, there are many other countries that fix Thanksgiving to any special day, based on beliefs or political declarations.

Such as mother’s day, father’s day, children’s day, Easter Sunday, Christmas 24th December and or New year 1st of January.

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Best Time For Thanksgiving 2021

The best time for thanksgiving should be any day of the week, month or year you feel it is right to give thanks to God for all He has done.

Keeping aside one special day for thanksgiving is just a format to celebrate Thanksgiving Day together with love.

Take everyday as a Thanksgiving Day, keep a general thanksgiving intact to celebrate, for we do not know when or what time the creator could call us.

Enjoy each day as if it is your last and when you are fortunate to witness the next general Thanksgiving 2022, make it a memorable one.


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