Sunday Scaries: Fear Of Starting New Week

Have you ever wonder ‘but we just started the weekend, how come it has come to an end so quick. This time, Sunday scaries come into action, with the fear that Monday is starting the next day when you haven’t gotten the best of weekend refreshment.

Sunday scaries is scary, people get naturally scared when they feel that Sunday is over and there is a start for a new week.

There is no doubt that everyone wants to have a good time for themselves, a time to relax the mind either alone or by spending time with family. This time for relaxation is most gotten on the weekends between Fridays to Sunday’s, after having a very stressful week at work.

It is a pain that weekends vibes tend not to last as the working days do, perhaps because weekends have just short days for relaxation.

The moment we get to Friday, it’s the start of the weekend after a stressful week. The mind automatically gets relief of stress when the week comes to an end. It is shocking to notice the weekend is at its end on Sunday.


Who Experience Sunday Scaries

Anyone can experience this scaries as it is part of human nature. It is likely to have Monday blues, the feeling, natural sickness of unwillingness to resume Monday activities.

Scaries on Sundays trigger negative energy in people who find pleasure in Sundays over Monday work.


How Do Scaries Happen

People who experience This scaries are people who do not enjoy their work, who do not find pleasure in what they do, people who find weekend more relaxing and entertaining that another day and people who get carried away by weekend vibes,


In Form Of Anxiety

These are anxiety builds up in someone who enjoys the weekend but fear the weekend is coming to an end starting from Sunday. The fear to prepare for the week, the grief that grips the mind, makes you feel down when Monday approaches and Sunday scaries.


In Form Of Nervousness

Another way to define what scaries means on sundays is Nervousness, a state of being alarmed or easily agitated. This happens when you are having a good time and suddenly something pops up in your mind that the weekend is over but you have no choice than to prepare for the new week.


What Sunday Scaries Means

Sunday scaries means the fear of ending the weekend on Sunday against Monday.

Sunday scaries is scary, people get naturally scared when they feel that Sunday is over and there is a start for a new week.

Sunday scaries means an emotional disorder in anyone who enjoys the vibes on weekends, the feelings that weekends never end and the fear to start a new week.

Sunday is frightening the moment we realise the weekend is over. This in some way puts the mind in a pounding pressure to think of how to make Monday and the rest of the week meaningful.

However, to have a good meaningful week is by taking off the Sunday scaries by starting with ways to beat the Monday blues. That seems easy but it is easier said than done. To beat the Monday blues is to first refresh the mind with Monday blues facts on how to beat it.


What Are Sunday Scaries

Scaries on Sunday are feelings that get into you when you aren’t prepared to start the week, Sunday scaries are lack of confidence to hope for a good start of a new week.

Sunday scaries are unwanted, unpleasant, uncomfortable, mind disturbing feelings that alerts the mind that Sunday is about to come to an end with fear starting a new week.

Sunday scaries feelings can easily change your mood, resulting in mood swings and sometimes depression, if it gets out of control.

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