Student Fears | How The Phobia Begins

If you have once been depressed or have seen students who are depressed, you should know by now that being depressed isn’t healthy. Why most student commit suicide is no other reasons than depression, as a result of student fears.

It is because you haven’t gotten to your fears you didn’t fear; You know the difference the moment it hit you.

It can happen to anyone, more reason why I am writing to you to learn from my experience, so do I want to learn from yours and I know there are people out there reading this post who want to learn.

So many things cause student fears which I am going to share with you step by step and how students can overcome these fears in a simplified way.

To gain more knowledge, take your time to read About Me if you feel like, there you will know more about me, what I do, my experience, other causes of student fear and my aim.

Among other student fears, there are some most common phobias in students that can easily make the mind unsettled, troubled, confused and depressed.

Fear of failure, Time management, fear of moving with the wrong circle, fear of how to pay school bills, fear of exam, fear to cope with school activities, fear of peer pressure, lecturer harassment, fear of lower grade, fear of starting a relationship, fear of independence, fear of making the wrong choice and many more.

These fears are phobias that can catch up on anyone in either high school, secondary school or universities.

No matter how you claim to be strong minded, there is a point in time that your fears will hold you down.

I always tell young stars who haven’t or are yet to gain admission into the university.

Many of them complain they are tired of staying at home, that they cannot wait to be a student and leave their parents’ home to stay independent.

You know what I tell them? ‘Why in a rush’ That life you want to live will come to you if you fail to get to it. – it is just a matter of time.

Yes, a matter of time. Then you will realise that staying under your parent roof can be a better option.

Though, I understand that life with parents isn’t easy, in fact it is very frustrating for children who have very strict parents.

I have once had that experience and I know how it feels, to be fair. Being independent is great and also is staying away from parents.

But where people get it all wrong is that they do not prepare ahead of what is to come when they eventually gain that freedom as a student.

Escaping your parents’ frustration is great, but failing to prepare against student fears is the worst experience you should never pray for.

As a young adult who wants to be a student, your thinking should be ‘If I somehow escape the frustration from my parents, can I overcome my fears as a student?’

Student Phobia Foundation

What most youngster’s do not know is that school is a very different ball game. It is the second face of life, if you can successfully pass, progressing to the third stage which is after graduating from the four walls of school, will be easier because the experience learnt is the pillar that guides you after school.

But you have to remember, that before a pillar can be built, there must be a foundation. How strong that foundation is determines how firm a pillar (school experience) stands.

Why Student Fears Are Difficult To Overcome

The reason why student fears are very difficult to overcome is simply because many youngsters do little or nothing to prepare against problems they are likely to come across in school.

Here on this blog, I will go in-depth and in detail to tell you all the student fears you will face or likely to come by, how you can overcome those fears, how to prepare ahead, how to build a sustainable career, how to prepare for admission, the proper way to read for exams, and most importantly, how to make money to overcome student fears.

There is much more stuff to discuss, likewise do you have the opportunity to contribute to help overcome student fears from your personal experiences. You can easily get your voice heard when you write for us or contact me directly in the Contact Me page and I will be glad to hear from you.

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