How To Take Advantage Of Every Situation In Life

Either good or bad every situation you find yourself in, it is best to take advantage of it. Sometimes life will not bring something good to you on a platter of gold, you might need to toil the soil and make your hand dirty to get that which you want.


No matter what every situation you find yourself in, do well to take advantage of it and see it as an opportunity not a problem.

I do tell people, everything in life happens for a reason, those reasons are always good but what makes people feel it is bad is because of how it starts to happen.

As good things happen for good, so as bad things happen for the good. Just that people do not have patience to see it to the end or see it pass before they judge.

Experiencing the bad side of life today does not mean everything is not happening for your favour, it only takes a little more patience and endurance to see the reality that life itself is infinitely good.

It can only take you through that path you do not want or choose, but in the end, it is always the road to success.

The problem people have with how life treats them is lack of patience, vision, endurance and hope, because many people lack these things.

Most of the time they change their life story by themselves just because they lack the knowledge.

Life is just like a training ground, both for the people who enjoy the moment and people who suffer from it.

One way or the other, the table will turn and those who have experienced the good side of life may need to take a share of the bad side too, and others who have experienced the horrible side of life will enjoy the good times.

Reason Why Table Turns

·         The reason why the rich become richer and the poor multiply is simple due to lack of management to take advantage of every situation.

·         And another reason why the rich end up being poor and the poor becoming rich is simply because both sides know how and how-not to take advantage of every situation they find themselves in.

There is no two ways around it, the table will always turn, the problem is just that know one knows when it will.

All you can do to have a good share of this is to know how to take advantage of every situation you find yourself in at the moment.

Keep in mind that anything good or bad does not last forever, the rich who take advantage of their riches have the tendency of becoming richer when the table turns.

Why is this so? It is because the rich who became richer took good advantage of every situation of time when he was rich by adding up and multiplying his empire.

The same also will apply to the poor. If you fail to take advantage of every situation you find yourself in by not finding means to grow even in the hard times, such a person will remain poor or poorer because he failed at the training of life.

For those who took advantage of the hard times of life, will surely see the reward when the table turns as well. It shows that you will make progress if you are given the chance.

How To Take Advantage Of Every Situation

Have in mind that life is a circle and take can easily turn always from your advantage to manage situations. You can always take advantage of every situation if you follow the master mind process below.


  1. Understand every situation
  2. Take advantage of time
  3. Have a master plan
  4. Gain more experience
  5. Manage every situation
  6. Stay positive in every situation
  7. Hope for
  8. Set a goal
  9. Be Creative

What It Take To Advantage Of Every Situation

1. Understand every situation: If you want to solve a problem or bypass something, you need to understand the situation. Knowing where, how and when the problem begins, and where it might end is a great way to start taking advantage of every situation.

2. Take advantage of time: You have to understand how the table can easily turn, in a few minutes you can be that great man or woman people lookup to, next minute you can be that asshole who people see as a coward.

3. Have a second thought: Always should have a second thought of everything you are experiencing right now, either good or bad, every second is an opportunity. If you are experiencing the good side of life, make plans for the worse of it. And if you are experiencing the bad side of life, be positive for a better tomorrow while you plan ahead.

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4. Gain more experience: Life is all about the experience, it either teaches you the hard way or the easy way. When it is easy, it only prepares you for what is to come, when it is hard it also builds you ahead of how you can manage a good life.

4. Have a master plan for every situation: The word master plan does not look so vigorous as it may sound when trying to take advantage of every situation. All you need to do is to plan ahead of time, at the same time have multiple plans, like plan A, B to C, so that if one fails you don’t get stuck but instead have an alternative route.

5. Stay positive in every situation: To take advantage of every situation is to possess a positive mindset, you can read all the motivational, step to step guides to succeed but without a positive mindset towards changing things around nothing will work. Having a positive mindset is like having a tracker that links you up with success.

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6. Manage every situation: As stated earlier, only if you can manage the resources you have, no matter how small it is, or how big it is, will determine what happens in the future when the table turns. Managing time and resources is a good way to take advantage of every situation. Don’t waste your time on unproductive things.

7. Hope for: If you do not have hope of a better tomorrow, nothing will be better. To take advantage of every situation you find yourself is to hope for something great or better while you work towards it. Don’t hope without taking reasonable action.

8. Set a goal: no matter the situation you find yourself in, good or bad, make sure you set a goal in that hard time. This will build and at the same time prepare your mind to stay alerted and focused to what is to come.

9. Be creative: You should always have a way around almost anything that comes your way, no matter how difficult it may seem. Creative people are innovative, they bring in different ideas that can easily turn the table around for good.

The good thing about life is that it prepares the mind ahead of what is to come, taking advantage of every situation gives you an edge over other things that might show up later.

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