Fear of failure | How Your Fears Affect Success

The difference between a failure and one who succeeds isn’t about the work rate, persistence, consistency but the fear of failure. A terrifying feeling that makes you feel less confident about yourself.

Fear is the start of failure, failure is the end product of fear, fear of failure is failure in itself.


The outcome of fear is failure but the worst which you and I will not like to experience is regrets.

To understand what it means, defining the meaning of fear and failure separately, will give you a clear definition of this word and how it affects success and our personal life’s.

What is Fear

Fear is a feeling that brings an unpleasant emotion of sadness and grief that makes you afraid which is caused by threat or pain of any kind.

 Failure sometimes isn’t a result of fear, as you can fail without being afraid of failure, you can be afraid without fail and at the same time, you can be afraid to fail which is at most times poses a greater threat to success.

What is Fear Of Failure

When you want to start up something but you are afraid of it, it immediately diminishes success rate, kills ambition and passion in no time, then makes you see nothing but failure.

Being afraid will make you feel something is black when everyone says it is white. It installs that mindset of failure in a person. Convincing the mind, you are nothing but a weak person.

Fear is the start of failure, failure is the end product of fear, fear of failure is failure in itself.

I have noticed that people who have no worries or feel less worried, or people who take things less seriously or people who bother less about the outcome of a thing have a high tendency to succeed.

But the ones who take everything seriously, fear the outcome of the result. Especially people who have a target, plan, great vision and dreams, experience fear of failure the most.

Why Things You Fear Comes Out Most Successful

If you observe closely, it is those things we pay less attention to that succeed, but once we pay close attention too, something we have high expectations for, things that we fear not to fail is that which most times fail us.

I have wondered why is this so ironic, is it that we do not do enough or we got it wrong at some point? Well it is not so, it is simply because we have built that shady fear in ourselves at the inception before we even execute the plan.

I do say, there is no crime in trying, and no problem in failure. The problem is being scared of failure when you haven’t started at all, or at the mid stage of our struggle.

You can easily start up something, have a very high tempo to get it executed, but at some point of the journey, you feel those things that once looked easy are now getting more difficult to complete.


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This is when the fear of failure sets in, many people forget that nothing good comes easy. Because you see people living an easy life, with their Ferrari’s and Bugatti’s, moving from one country to another or cashing out big time does not mean they find it way easy to get there. They have in one way their own fears of failure and they have overcome, that is why you see them living such an easy life.

You should have in one way or another experience fear of failure, it could have happened to you or have a show of it from other people’s experience.

Fear of failure is when you try to achieve something but still feel you haven’t trained enough to execute the plan out of fear

The feeling that makes you lack confidence when you are capable of doing something is fear of failure.

Because you are scared does not mean you can fail, because you fail does not mean you are a failure and that does not mean you should not try some other time, if not all the time.

You can take a break out of fear, you can have some rest due to failure but do not live with regrets for not trying.


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