12 Cause Of Procrastination | Why People Procrastinate

Have you ever thought why you have find it hard to meet up with time to get a task done. Instead, you keep postponing task each day. It means you procrastinate, you should know the cause of procrastination.

Cause of procrastination  is far beyond laziness or lack of manpower, it  more of will.

Wonder why you keep postponing tasks over and over again till you find yourself in a tight corner, where you have no other option than to complete the task.  

Feeling like postponing a task for a long time could be ideal for some reasons but for someone who never takes notice or accepts the fact that they procrastinate could be disastrous.

However, those who notice procrastination intime can easily cure this disease as soon as they take one more step to know the cause to why they procrastinate.

If you carefully read the last statement I made earlier, you should notice I mentioned something like ‘procrastination as a disease to be cured’.

If you wonder if procrastinating is a disease. Yes! Procrastination is indeed a disease.

Procrastinating without being aware of the fact that you procrastinate is a disease most especially for people who are lazy.

Sometimes being unwilling to get something done is caused by laziness but when it becomes part or an addiction, procrastination becomes a disease for the lazy.

Not paying close attention to the cause of procrastination will actually make it hard to cure as it progresses to becoming an addiction.

Aim For Cure Of Procrastination

If you aim to cure procrastination, it is first important to be aware that you procrastinate, thereafter, know the cause of why you procrastinate before finding ways to stop procrastinating.

Cause of Procrastination

  1. Laziness a cause of procrastination: It is generally acceptable that lazy people are prone to procrastination. There are no two ways about it, if you are lazy, you will procrastinate.

2. Lack of self discipline: Aside from being lazy, being a general cause of procrastination. Self discipline is a cause of procrastination if a person can not discipline his/herself it leads to procrastination.

The moment you make your YES to be YES and NO to be NO, it means you stand by your words, but when you lack self discipline it would be difficult to complete a task.

3. Fear of your fears: Fear is a natural cause of procrastination, it is part of the human race to success. People fear because they either don’t want to fail at something, or they fear because they are afraid to fail. It is only those who do not fear their fears find it easy to succeed. With fear you will procrastinate.

4. Lack of organizing: Anyone who can not organize his/herself properly will have difficulties getting things done at the right time. Lack of organizing is a cause of procrastination. If you can not organize yourself, you will procrastinate.

5. Anxiousness: Feeling of showing worries makes you feel less easy on yourself. Being anxious makes a person nervous which makes you feel uneasy on yourself. Anxiety causes procrastination, the more you feel uneasy, the more you procrastinate.

6. Lack of interest: Procrastination can be caused by lack of interest in something. It is easier to procrastinate about something you lack interest in, but find it entertaining when it interests you. People feel at hiss to get things done if they find it interesting and appealing.

7. Lack of Motivation: Working without no motivation can easily make you postpone a task for a long period of time until it reaches the point it becomes a problem. However there are ways to gain motivation when you feel you have lost some.

8. No reward: People feel less attracted to something they see no return from, such that it is believed ‘life is all about give and take’ then why should I put so much effort in doing something I see no reward in.

9. Full of yourself: Overconfidence causes procrastination. When you feel you are confident enough, it makes you full of yourself. Make you feel ‘This is the simplest thing you can handle’ I will do it anytime, then you keep postponing until you find it impossible to meet up with time.

10. Self doubt: Double on the other hand bore lack of confidence, self doubt is a way of condemning yourself before others. A cause of procrastination is self doubt, if you do not believe in yourself you can not make anything happen.

This doubt will make you feel you aren’t competent enough to get it done, at this point, you start building yourself and making plans endlessly without a single action, until you find out time is against you.

11. Lack of seriousness: People who tend to take things likely will procrastinate, lack of seriousness results in procrastination. Why will a task be done by an unserious fellow who isn’t serious about their lives either.

12. Unwillingness: Aside, lack of manpower other factors, the cause of procrastination is as a result of will, if you are willing to do something you will do it intime, if you aren’t willing you will procrastinate about it.

Be it consciously or subconsciously, people procrastinate due to willingness to do or not to do something.

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