8 Ways Student Overcome Fear Of Failure

Students are the most feared and the most fearful in every school or society, what students fear the most is fear of failure. Failure to overcome fear of failure is an academic threat to students. So many things scare, frustrate students in college.

How to overcome fear of failure

Many students are unfortunate to overcome this struggle. Among other student fears, fear of failure is one of other major common student fears to overcome.

Life as a student is, I will say, one of the most challenging struggles of a teenage and young adult life.

As different pressure falls on you to impress your parent with good grade, to proof your seriousness, friends look up to you for help, you at the same time try to manage time, meet up with lectures, do home chores, read for exam, fight school threats by bad influencers, coping with social life if you are an introvert, balance your relationship and even try to make money to support yourself and yet try be motivated.

All these things are struggles that can easily cause a great distraction and at the same time affect students who have come to school to prove they have a good grade.

But when fear of failure sets in, there is always a bigger problem. It is hard to manage life as a student, sometimes things become frustrating and mood swings and then depression, which can result in death when it gets worse.

Cause of Student Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is called atychiphobia. It possesses stress and depression to student health, here is what causes fear of failure.

  • Fear of result: This also can be called fear of outcome. It is a feeling that holds students down before and after they might have taken an action. Fear of result is a cause of fear of failure that poses a threat to the mind. That feeling that puts doubt in your mind of uncertainty even before taking an action is called fear of the result or outcome of something.
  • Fear of shame: embarrassment is one thing that people do not want to experience no matter how little it is. Being embarrassed can easily tarnish people’s image or leave a stain. This is true but yet I wonder how do you progress if you can not be shameless at some certain things.  
  • Fear of success: failure equals success, just like this action + failure = progress and progress = success. If you want to get the best out of something it is to keep progressing, which you have to fail at some point. If you can not embrace failure you can not succeed.
  • Risk: Fear of risk taking is a cause of student fear of failure. Many students who fail to take risks end up being in the same circle over and over again.
  • Time management: From lecture to reading for exams is always a very short period of time for students. Time management is a cause of student fear of failure. It even happens during exams, where you try to meet up with time in the examination hall. The fear to manage time alone has made many students fail exams, not that they do not know what to write or not brilliant but just that they cannot manage time.

The Way Out Of Failure

  • Dare your fears
  • Build an undisruptive mindset
  • Prepare ahead of time
  • Don’t fear to fail
  • Be yourself
  • Carefully select your friends
  • Have a routine
  • Don’t procrastinate

How To Overcome Student Fear Of Failure

  1. Dare your fears: One thing to keep in mind is that, you need to first identify your fears, ’which is fear of failure’ knowing your fears is a half way to overcoming fears of failure.

Everybody fears their fears that is why most students don’t succeed. When you fear your fears, it makes you become a slave but the moment you fear your fear, the moment you get lost or free from fear of failure.

2. Build an undisruptive mindset: This kind of mindset makes you focus on that which you aim while leaving every other thing behind.

To overcome fears of failure as a student is to have a strong mindset, an undisruptive mind will do to get over fear of failure.

3. Prepare ahead of time: Time is everything for students who know exactly why they are in school. If you want to really overcome fear of failure, you need to know how to prepare ahead of time.

Plan things you need to do before it starts to become a burden, have a to-do list and never procrastinate about important things.

4. Don’t fear to fail: He who fears failure can not overcome the fear of failure. Until you embrace failure and see it as an advantage to develop yourself, until then fear becomes inferior to you, but as long as you fear to fail, you can not overcome the fear of failure.

5. Be yourself: Life is easy, it is people in it that make things hard. You shouldn’t make things hard on yourself if you want to please others.

If you think working so hard or taking things so seriously because you want to come out successful in school is the way out, then you are getting it wrong.

Sometimes you need to relax your mind to the fullest, It takes you to be yourself to overcome fears of failure. Be free with yourself and life will be free with you, don’t bother about what happens next, just focus on doing the right thing and leave the rest.

6. Carefully select your friends: Among student fear of failure, the friends you keep play a very big role in how you overcome your fears. You can not have friends who can not encourage you and think you will be motivated. It’s a NO.

If you want to overcome fear of failure you need to carefully select friends who can influence your life, who have purpose and vision related to your goal. Not friends with silly benefits.

7. Have a routine: Students who aren’t programmed to a roster will easily and always be distracted with other things, then before you know it, you have little time to get things right.

I am a testimony to this. I do not have a specific routine or time table I follow of my own. I just do things out of how it comes or should I say free will.

It was until I got to my final year did I realise that it is better to follow a daily routine. Not having a routine strongly affected my grade, then, fear of failure set in.  Luckily for me I found a way out, it was until I followed a daily routine was I able to boost my grade.

How do I create a daily routine to overcome fear of failure? I have a time table of what to do every few hours a day, such as programming myself to do my everyday task, revising immediately after I get home from class, have a few hours to eat, give myself a few hours to play games, go to bed and read again. This was part of my daily routine for years.

8. Don’t procrastinate: Just as laziness causes fear of failure, so has procrastination does cause fear of failure for students.

But if you can avoid procrastinating, you can overcome fear of failure as it will enhance your level of productivity and eliminate laziness. Best way to overcome procrastination is to have a daily routine, or a time table, to-do list of your entire daily activities.

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