8 Lucrative Business for Student To Start With No Money In Nigeria

paying dues such as school fees, faculty, departmental and other dues, house rent, transport, feeding and other personal needs are problems students find so hard to beat. Perhaps it is high time to know the lucrative business for student.

Student struggling with bills to pay in school is one of the most common student fears.

list of lucrative business for student to start with zero capital

One of the major student fears is how to make money. If money does not stand as a problem for students, I am sure good numbers of students will graduate with good grades as the fear of paying bills won’t have its way to override academic pursuit.

Nigeria is a country that struggles with education, politics, religion and economic wellbeing of the citizen. In fact it has gone to a point where nothing isn’t safe anymore, even to start a lucrative business is risky as the rate of insecurity is over the roof.

You might start wondering what business can you start to make money despite the insecurity and lack of jobs in Nigeria.

What Lucrative Business Mean

First thing first to keep in mind is to understand what lucrative business means? Any business that makes a handful of profit is a lucrative business.

Business Struggles In Nigeria

Though there are lots of businesses in Nigeria which are lucrative, the problem is that most businesses that are profitable in Nigeria are overpopulated.

Another thing about lucrative business in Nigeria is that, no matter how you seem to be the first to start a business, it always ends up that you will someday wake up to see so many other people start the same business of yours.

The most annoying part is that many people will tell you they have been thinking about the business before you started, that you were just the one with the fastest finger to start up the business.

One thing that baffles me most is that, it is those who you do not expect you find in the business you took so much planning to start. Do not be surprised if you find your best friend starting the same business without informing you, or see your customers starting to sell the same stuff.

This is why most lucrative business dies so quickly, large numbers of competitors isn’t a good idea for a lucrative business for students.

Oh! Wait… Do not get me wrong, I do not have in mind to put fear in you in starting a lucrative business as a student. I am only trying to call you to awareness to know where to start from and how to choose your right choice of business.

As from exams and other common student fears, making money as a student is one concern that stands as a boarding in the heart of many students. It is simply,

if you can not make money, you cannot pay bills as a student”.

Among the seven major common student fears, Financial management to make money is a common student fears that many fail to overcome.

One thing to keep in mind when starting a lucrative business as a student is that

Everyone can start a business but not everyone will succeed’.

If you strongly hold on to this word, you will at the end make progress in any lucrative business you start.

·         Keep in mind as well that competition is crucial in making a successful business, the less competitors you have the higher your profit, the higher competitor you have the lower your profit, and if you aren’t starting enough to be more innovative and creative, your business can easily die.

·         Before thinking of starting a lucrative business as a student, keep in mind to understand your niche. Why so many businesses die today isn’t because they aren’t profitable but because the founder who started the business does not understand what people want.

·         Take note of passion¸ The hard truth about life and business is that anything you do without being passionate about won’t last, even those who are passionate sometimes lose motivation at some point in the business journey, not to mention people who aren’t passionate about their businesses. – If you are all about making money in business without being passionate, it won’t last.

·         Understand your product; knowing fully well of what you sell to people will make you extra profit and make your business grow twice as fast. Understanding your business like your life depends on it, this will help you with customer relationships.

That being said as an eye opener for students who want to start a lucrative business. These are the most lucrative businesses for students to start right away.

Lucrative Business For Student To Start With No Money

1.      Teach music: This is best for people who are already into music and good at it. Start a music class and enroll people to pay for sections. It is easier to get a lot of clients if you are good at what you do.

Many people will be directed to you not just because they want to learn but because you are good at that which you do. ‘Sometimes you do not need to speak, your good works will speak for you’. Teaching music or musical instruments is an uncommon lucrative business for students.

2.      Play in shows: Another lucrative business for students in the entertainment industry is playing musical instruments in shows.

You may be wondering how playing musical instruments is a lucrative business for students, lucrative means profitable, so anything you find your hand doing, passionate about or good at is lucrative which can become your business.

The truth of the matter is that I am a living witness to playing guitar in shows such as weddings, ceremonies, burials, naming, birthday’s or any kind of occasion. I took it as an occupation and I can confidently tell you that I was able to graduate from university with the money I made from shows.

3.      Write projects: If you are good at researching, then you can make your money as a project writer for your co-student.

Writing projects, assignments and providing other necessary materials for students is a lucrative business to start right away. You do not have to be a professional at this, you only need to have the basic knowledge and be grounded in it.

4.      Become a creative content writer: Anyone can be a content writer but being a creative one is an advantage to get a better pay as a freelancer, because any good creative content writer will always produce quality content which is good for SEO.

Bloggers are more inclined with content writers who write excellent pieces. Content writing is a lucrative business for students, it goes in line with your academics and at the same time improves your skill overtime.

You can showcase your talent and get jobs around the world by opening an account on Fiverr and Upwork to get started.

5.      Teach extra lessons: Teaching is fun when you do it voluntarily, you fix the time for the class and you get paid for extra lessons. If you are a fresher or undergraduate you can easily take secondary school student extra lessons and get paid.

How do you do this? Try to connect or make friends with some of your neighbors who are parents and then tell them you can help their children with extra lessons. If you do it correctly, the parent will tell other parents and then you start making cool money.

6.      Affiliation Marketing: You may have heard of the word affiliation marketing. It is a process whereby you help push or persuade people to buy a company’s product or services while you get commission for referral, purchase or both.

The beauty about affiliate marketing is that everything you have to do will be online. I will be writing more about affiliate marketing, how to pick the right affiliation program and how to make money from home. You can join our newsletter below to get the update.

7.      Networking: This is kind of close to affiliate marketing but as its name implies ‘Networking’ This is a process where you connect with people who are interested in your own product.

Networking is a lucrative business that you can start with little or no capital, all you need is to know the right people who know people who need your product.

8.      Teach an online skill: Everything in the world today is going digital, because the internet is so complex to understand, people find it hard to cope or engage with it.

This creates a massive opportunity for students who want to start a lucrative business to seize this opportunity by teaching people basic knowledge such as MS Office pack, Digital Marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO) which I can personally train you here, and other online skills like blogging and all.

There are other lucrative businesses for students out there, but this one I have shared with you is the most uncommon business you can start as a student if you truly have bills to pay.

Let me know your thoughts with the comment section below, your ideas can help others reshape their knowledge.

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