7 Most Common Student Fears To Overcome Right Away

The most common student fears widely range from what perspective it affects each and every student. Since students are not the same and college or university attended can also vary in terms of discipline, control and how organized they are.

Student fears at this point can be general or rational. However, among all student fears, I have compiled the most common student fears and how to overcome this phobia right away.

major common student fears and how to overcome

There are different categories or stages in which phobia can affect students, starting from primary to secondary level, to student seeking admission into the university, a fresher who just gained admission into the school, undergraduate and a finalist.

Each of these categories of student has their fears they carry during these stages of their life in school. Everybody has fear they carry, the difficulty in handling and overcoming student fears depend greatly on some factors, such as;

1.        Level of confidence

2.        Patience

3.        Pressure control

4.        Adaptation

The common student fears are among:

Admission    –          Freshers        –          Undergraduate                   –          Finalist

Major Common Student Fears To Overcome

To overcome student fears is to manage your resources wisely, such as friends, time learn to adapt to major common student fears of

1.        Financial management

2.        Fear of growth

3.        Lack of motivation            

4.        Academic performance

5.        Social management

6.        Independent lifestyle

7.        Life after school

7 Common Student Fears

1.        Financial management: One of the common student fears is financial management. Paying school fees and bills is one of the greatest challenges of students in college. Though many of the students are being sponsored by their parents or guidance. While there are students who sponsor themselves to school in pain. Raising money and schooling at the same time is a student’s fear, especially for students who are independent.

I have personally seen several of my course mates dropout due to financial instability and inability to manage both work and schooling. The most painful part of it all is that many of these students know their fears from the onset while processing their admission.

Due to promises and faith, many students put their career into an unbalanced situation. After paying so much for admission fee, first year school fee, second and even third, it is then they realise there is no certainty of graduating, as people who promise to sponsor or support fall short of their words.

Among the common student fears, financial management is a problematic phobia in students that has made many students lose great opportunities.

If you are in the financial crises category of common student fears, I urge you to put your mind at rest because there is a solution to overcome your fears financially. Stay tuned to get the updated post on ways to overcome financial crises. Or submit your email below to stay up to date.

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2.        Fear of Growth: One of many people fear is growth, people do not want to grow because many are aware of the challenges afterward. I have seen people who feel they enjoy their childhood experience rather than where they are today.

Student fears of growth is a major struggle to overcome. Fears of career pursuit, making a dream become reality and fear of learning new things are common struggles.

3.        Fear of motivation: Every student has a plan to execute in college, but it is so unfortunate that only a few percent could live up to the task due to lack of motivation as a common student fear.

Many students carry a strong mindset when they are about freshers. Because the system is new. They have little or no idea of what they are about to face as their fears. However, there are other students who know their fears from the onset of admission into the university or college.

We all feel it is quite easy from at the beginning, only the luck once has people to tell them from experience how easy it is to lose motivation due to difficulty to cope with life in school.

Fear of motivation is not exceptional in common student fears, as students will at some point lose motivation, while the weak student completely gives up on themselves because things aren’t working the way they plan.

To overcome fear of motivation one of the common student fears is to learn to put little or less exception on whatever you wish to have or feel to happen.

There should be a balance between your expectations and disappointments, in fact in some cases, disappointment should be quite higher than your expectation so you can maintain your motivation.

4.        Academic Performance: Starting from being time conscious to meet up with lectures, to student oppression such as Fear of failure and fear of success which is another major common student fear.

These fears are mostly installed in students mostly by their parents, becoming a burden students struggle with only because they want to impress or prove people wrong. ‘You can not kill two beds with one stone’, It is best to face why you are in school.

The best way to overcome common student fears is by keeping your fears aside

5.        Social Management: Schooling is a public place where you meet, engage with different people from different cultures. It is easier for an extrovert to manage this social life but a major common student fears for an introvert who is not used to people or experienced a social lifestyle.

If students try to cope with academic stress to meet up with good grades, they will still have to fight public fears, such as; Making Choices, Wrong cycle of friends, Cultism treats and other treats. Sincerely, it isn’t easy.

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6.        Independent Lifestyle: There are so many things students struggle with outside the care of their parents. Though, it may look so interesting at first, being anxious to live a free life is great but if not well prepared for could be a disaster starting from someone of the major common student fears of Time Management, Home Sickness, Fear of change, Crime, Laziness, Procrastination, being over cautious, Losing focus, Wrong attention.

To overcome these fears is to learn to adapt to a new environment, the best way to learn is to start making your mind up for the worse, so you can be prepared and stay guard ahead of your struggles.

7.        Life After School: If students fail to adapt to cope with life inside the school walls, life after school could be more terrible. Some of the major common student fears are how to cope with life after school, perhaps in term of getting a job, how to start a new life, how to build a career, how to manage family and many more.

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