10 Kids’ Middle School Fear Parents Should Know

Have you ever wondered why kids do so well at their own leisure, while not performing well in academics, this is no other reason but middle school fear.

Many kids do not perform as expected due to middle school fears, despite being brilliant in other aspects of life. Aside from school, there are many kids who are doing great things in exercises, sport, and other talent or gifted things they lay their hands upon.

Middle school fear quickly reshape 
the mind of kids, if parents fail to 
pay attention to their fears.

The reality is that many of us have in one way or the other experience middle school fear.

The Feeling Of School Fears

Middle school fear is like feeling dead while still alive. A kid who has school fears struggles to survive every single day in school without help from no one, because people and parents pay less attention to their worries.

This is why many kids at their very young stage of life involve themselves in immoral activities, mostly by having the wrong peer of friends. Many of them try ways to stay away from their mid school fears but could not find an easy way out.

A change in attitude can suddenly develop in a kind that experiences great middle school fear. It is not easy for kids at that age to face their struggles, they are kids and do not have any experience about life, yet they find themselves in a tight situation where they have to take responsibilities to fight their own fears.

Kids Struggle Of Middle School Fear

Being a kid is tough, it’s just like a baby crying of leg inching, while his mother breastfeeds him instead – How on earth does feeding go with inching?

Many kids do not know how to express themselves, though some kids try to, but unfortunately mostly turn out that many parents pay less attention to these things.

If you as a parent cannot pay attention to your kid’s struggles, how do you then expect them to come out with a good result in school?

As an adult, it is difficult to struggle with fears, take responsibilities and exams, why then ignore a child’s struggle when they need you the most.

You should have kept notice by now why kids find so much joy staying at home with their parents even when they have no friends around to play with.

But as soon as the weekend is over, the fear of starting a new week for school becomes a threat to them. In fact, many kids feel depressed but do not know how to express themselves.

If you are a parent reading this post, it is probably the right time to pay close attention to your kid, because middle school fears play a great role in their academics.

Kids’ Middle School Fear

  1. Fear of Humiliation: School life is hard and I can tell you it has not been the best experience for me so far, which I know many children are experiencing the middle school fear right now, due to humiliation.

Kids hate to be humiliated, as this memory sticks to their brain which from there becomes a nightmare. Many children have difficulties in sleeping as a result of humiliation in school by their classmates, friends, and even teachers.

Do you know how it feels to call you a dull headed person, or name you headword or hammer head of horror, just because a kid has a slightly larger head than his mates?  Kids feel worse.

2. Intimidation: Kids struggle with intimidation; a middle school fears many kids struggle to overcome. Many kids are smarter or richer than others, spotting a weak or less intelligent kid can be the scapegoat for intimidation.

3. Oppression: The kids find it hard to catch up with life in school, they do not really understand the settings, while others could grasp the process and system easily, many kids aren’t close. Kids who could meetup keep other kids in hardship in an unjust act while claiming to be senior or superior to them.

4. Having friends: Kids love to have friends but many of these kids are so selective from day one. Meeting with incompatible friends is a middle school fear for many kids, which they really do not want to experience each day in school.

5. Tough subjects: Every child isn’t perfect at all subjects in school. Though many parent always feel a child should be able to assimilate and understand everything thought in school because they have no worries or responsibilities to carry, some parents will claim, ‘kids brain are fresh, so it is easier to learn’. But that is not so, we are all naturally incline and can as well decline with what we like or do not like from as little as being a kid.

Keep in mind that, what a child calls a tough subject could be different from one another. Parents may notice a child isn’t doing well in school but yet fail to pay attention to the child’s struggles.

Many children are faced with mental disorder illnesses that parents do not pay close attention to such as Working Memory. Kids can carry this act of forgetfulness for a lifetime if not treated early enough.

6. Fear of school Teachers:  There is nothing more terrifying for a kid to have a teacher who is so nagging, temperamental, and not easy to get with, the most horrible nightmare is when this kind of teacher pays more attention on a student or worse of all, a parent should make such teacher a lesson teacher for the kid. ‘It is finished’.

7. Late to class: Kids hate being late to class, they know the consequence is severe but many parents do not see it this way, even if they know the child will be punished, they do not know the extent of the punishment because they aren’t there, only the kid can stand to tell the horrible feeling.

8. Fear Of Competition: Many parents do feel like it is easy to take the first position in class or to win a competition. Little do they know that kids are different in their skillset. A child who fails today can do better tomorrow, praising them instead of mocking or complaining or comparing your kids with other people’s kids, that is humiliating.

9. Fear of failure: By nature, no one wants to fail, neither do parents want to see their children fail. But it is sad that the truth can not be ignored. We will all fail at some point of our lives. Let your children know these things, encourage them no matter how they disappoint you or fail to make you proud.

10. Lack of interest: Actually, it is more of reality than just saying that schooling isn’t the best criteria for success. Lack of interest in school isn’t just a middle school fear for kids but it is something they do not find promising or that which really goes well with their passion.

There are great people who have done great things without school. People like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and others, though they know the value of schooling but they see themselves going above that. It was after achieving their aim they went back to school.

Middle school fear is a lifetime of threats kids struggle to overcome, which at some point affect every aspect of their life, as they grow. These are mid school fear parent should pay close attention to

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