11 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Starting College

You might have read, have heard people and undergraduate say how difficult starting college is. Either good or bad you may have heard, what you accept and how you prepare play a great role to overcome fear of starting college.

Student should not underestimate nor fail
to overcome fear of starting college, 
as it can turn to a lifetime struggle 
even after school.

If you ask me, if starting college is difficult or how does it feel starting college? I will say you should not underestimate that fear of starting college, as it can turn to a lifetime struggle even after school.

I will tell you to take away fear of any kind and prepare yourself for great things because school is fun.

However, keep in mind that there are student fears many students fail to overcome, not because that is how student life is, but because they fail to overcome their fears of starting college just before they gained admission.

That is where the mistake lies. If you do not have the right planning before admission, to overcome your fears of starting college is quite impossible.

Gaining admission into college is one of the greatest achievements for students. The atmosphere is always blue and lively but once given a resumption date then, suddenly the fear of starting college takes over.

Now, the thought of how to manage life as a college sets in. The anxiety and nervousness to gain admission slowly flies away and a new mindset with greater task sets in with the hope to complete it without fail.

It happens to every student, even I had a great experience of it. I remembered gaining admission into the university back then. I was so happy because I am tired of staying home for too long.

On the other hand, I was filled with anxiety about starting college, I was so anxious as well, and the fear of being a new student in a totally different environment which was many hours away from home, and distance with friends remained a concern that I could not contain.

The same high spirit at which I desperately wanted to start school was actually the same way I feel to leave school as soon as possible, though I prepared myself but I saw it wasn’t enough.

Common Student Fears

Aside from the major common student fears in college, here are some other fears that you need to overcome when starting college.

When you gain admission and about to start a life as a student, by starting college you feel freedom but at the same time, so many other fears come to mind of how to get over your struggles as a student.  Such as:

·        How to cope with new life

·        How to meet up with expectations

·        How to manage time

·        Fear of professor or lecturers

·        Fear of loneliness

·        Bad roommate

·        Fear of bad grade

·        Fear of new subjects

And other fears. Here is how to overcome all these fears in a simplified way that works for students starting college.

How To Overcome Fear Of Starting College

  1. Prepare ahead before starting college: In my own case, I think people who graduated and others in school do not have time to talk me out of the challenges I could likely face. I think many of them are at that time struggling with their own fears.

Though, I do not blame them for their actions because just a few or no one really cares about their struggles and fears. I could not really prepare myself as such but I think I learned the hard way to overcome my own fear of starting college. To prepare ahead is to follow the steps listed below.

2. Be yourself: Don’t pretend to be who you are not, don’t act to be a different person just because you are starting college. It is important to keep doing your thing, be unique and make things as simple as they used to be.

3. Don’t try to impress: The sincere truth about starting college is that many students want to impress others which is one of the major reasons why students fail.

 Trying to impress your friends at home, colleagues in college, lecturers, and even your parents isn’t ideal, these are wrong moves. To overcome fear of starting college as a student is to only impress no one but yourself.

“If you really want to prove people wrong, first prove yourself wrong”

4. Ask students for experience: Overcome fear of starting college is to ask students of their experience in school. It is important to find details about that school of your choice before applying for admission. 

Know how the school system is run, how hard it is to meet up with grades, how secure and conducive the college environment is, or even how students make a living.

I know of some schools where students make money either by joining cultism, fraud, burgling or stealing from other students, or doing strippers, or fornication.

5. Don’t let words scare you: Information plays a great role in everyone’s life, whether it turns out good or bad only how we choose to digest those words. Some people will scare you with their experience of schooling, 

While others will encourage you and tell you what challenges you are likely to face. Both good or bad, try to overcome your fear of starting college by not letting words scare you.

6. Look tough: Not all times, but sometimes you need to look tough against distraction when starting up college. 

Many students are funny and desperate to harm when they see new students, especially if they see you are flexible to handle. You can be easily manipulated when looking easy, looking tough helps when starting college.

7. Know your personality: College is an open floor for success if you really know how to take advantage of your personality. Your kind of person should be what you should be looking for in a friendship. Do not mingle or make friends with people with different aims, they will scatter your vision and ruin your purpose.  

8. Don’t fake it: There are ways to fake it to make it, but faking what does not matter can put you in trouble. You might even end up being with students who fake things just like you without knowing. Coming out plain, clean and natural helps overcome fear of starting college.

9. Be organized: Have a to-do list for a pre-activity when you start college. Program yourself and stick to this routine, if you have any other activities outside of this list, make sure you add them up to your to do list. It is easier to overcome fear of starting college when you are organized.

10. College is fun: No matter what fears you may have, have it at the back of your mind that college is fun. Forget about lecturers, pressure, exam fears and all. College is fun if you make it easy on yourself. You should have time to have fun, it’s college not a prison, enjoy the moment.

11. Dare your fears: If you still fear starting college, then it is time to dare your fears of starting college as a fresher. Fear makes you a slave to yourself, you are being controlled by something not real, the moment you dare your fears that you can do better, that moment you are set free of all your fears.

Do the impossible, do those things you are scared of and you will feel the relief in being free and in bondage of your fears.

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